3 Simple Breath Practices for Instant Embodiment

breathing practices

Your breath is the key to embodiment or being in-body. There is no other perfect symbol for life than breath. 

Life is the gift we have between birth and death so it’s important to bring attention to it.

We take our breath for granted because we never have to think about doing it, luckily it just happens. That’s because it’s part of our autonomic nervous system which takes care of things without our consciousness.

But bringing consciousness to it gets you out of your head and into your body and that is where your authenticity lives. 

This culture values mind over body so it makes sense we often forget we have a body until it’s yelling at us with aches, pains, or dis-ease.  

The more you connect to your body, the more in touch you are with the truth of you and that brings power to all you do.  When you’re empowered in your body, you trust yourself and stop giving your power away to others. This is huge in all aspects of life, especially your sensuality and sexuality.

Your breath’s flow, depth, and quality shift depending on your state of being. When you are in a stressful situation your breath quickens and shortens.  The depth is shallow and you might find tension in your gut and chest. When you’re relaxed, the breath moves more freely and often more deeply. 

Working with your breath is the key to bringing awareness to your body and the basis of conscious sexuality.

Bringing awareness to your breath is a practice. You will never always have attention on your breath but the more you do the better.

Now here are 3 simple practices to get you connected. Remember, just because they are simple doesn’t mean they are not of value.  Often it’s the simple things we struggle to remember to practice.

3 breath practices

Deep belly breathing

Bring your awareness to your breath. Focus on your inhale. Invite the inhale into the deepest part of your belly.  This will require a softening of your belly space and a letting go so the breath can have room to expand.  Slowly exhale naturally.  There is no force in this breath, just a simple invitation and attention.

Side body breath

Inhale into your side body, allowing your ribcage to expand and into your back body creating a 360-degree container.


This is a cyclical breath where you will inhale for 7 seconds, hold for 3 then exhale for 7 seconds and hold for 3.  You can take your time as you start this breathing technique by doing 1-3 cycles.

The most important thing in any breathing practice is your attention. Your attention ignites what it focuses on.  Bringing that focus to your breath is powerful and healing.

Stay curious my friend.

xo, Monique

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