4 Keys To Embodiment

woman in her body

Do you ever wonder how you can feel more in your body? 

Embodiment is simply bringing attention and awareness into your body for powerful connection.

It’s all about coming out of your head and mind chatter and into feeling your body.  Your body is the physical space you take on this planet. 

Your presence here is special.

Embodiment also helps you cultivate your intuition.

By knowing what your gut is feeling, you can listen to your guidance of your second brain. It tells you what feels good and what doesn’t. 

The info you get from your intuition is vital when talking about sexuality. 

Your inner voice guides you to the truth of what you want or don’t want.

When you ignore it or disconnect from it, often it leads to yucky feelings because you didn’t respect your truth.

Feeling embodied is foundation to feeling ALIVE!


1. Breath

Your breath is your touchstone to LIFE.  Once breath is gone, so is your body. 

Bring your awareness to your breath to connect with your body. 

Your inhalation brings life force energy into your body as your exhalation allows whatever is no longer serving you to leave. 

By bringing your attention to the rhythm of your breath, you can begin to establish a relationship with your entire body. Check out Breath Meditation for Grounding.

2. Movement

Your body is meant to move! Even our breath is movement. The rib cages expands and contracts as our lungs take in and release. 

Moving your body brings your attention from your head space down into your body.  Movement can be as simple as walking or putting on your favorite music and swaying. 

This is about working out or exercise. It’s about giving your body the opportunity to find a motion that feels really good and brings your attention down from your headspace into your rootspace.

3. Touch

Touch yourself as much as possible.  Touch is one of the most powerful tools to bring attention to areas of our body. 

Your hands are an extension of your heart and how you use them matters.

So if you are feeling disconnected to your body, stressed out, or anxious, touch somewhere on your body. 

Usually I touch my chest/heart space or abdomen to ground because I can feel the movement of my breath in these areas. 

4. Sing or Chant

Use your voice. Sound is vibration. Vibration breaks up stuck energy and can shift your attention into your body.

So sing, chant, grunt, scream or simply make noise!

Now anytime you are feeling stressed, disconnected, anxious, you can come back to these 4 Keys to Embodiment.  Shift your relationship with yourself by connecting with your body.

Have fun exploring!

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