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The Art of Being

Do you ever find yourself questioning who you are, or what you are supposed to be doing in this world? Do you feel lost, alone and unsure on how to be?  Personally, I have had my struggles with these questions over the years and to be honest, they still come up for me.  There is an art of being that I am still learning about.

As much healing and spiritually connected I feel, I still find myself distracting and questioning my greater purpose.  The thing that helps me the most when my mind is circling around the same thoughts and concerns is to sit down and find my breath.

Then I remember:

In order to be more of who you really are you must first allow yourself to BE.

Often it is a struggle to allow yourself to have time and space to just be in the presence of yourself without a distraction or something to do. 

You are a human being not a human doing

As you know, it is common for us humans to get so caught up in the doing of things and we forget the gift of being here on this planet. We are all spirits having a human experience and each experience is unique.  There is an art of being, which is to simply disengage with the chaos all around.

Your experience is for you to feel, to sense, and to be in your body.  Your experience and purpose is unique and your soul came here to have a certain type of experience. Part of learning the art of being is to honor this experience.

You are here to BE FULLY YOU! 

Now imagine…

  • What if your only purpose was to wake up in the morning and just be on this planet?
  • What if there was nothing to do or goal to reach?
  • What if you were able to accept that your pure presence was all you needed to do here?
  • How would this type of life perspective change you?
  • How would you feel to let go of the busyness and distractions to simply be?

Take these questions and journal it out to see what comes up for you.  

I encourage you to play with the idea that you are already enough. 

Have a wonderful week BEING YOU!

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