Feel Your Magic

So when I was a kid, I remember sensing energies or beings. I remember feeling magic because I knew these beings existed all around yet no adult seemed to recognize they were there. I wasn’t scared of these beings but I learned very young that it wasn’t normal to talk about them.  Can you still …

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Authenticity accepting your true self

The Two Wolves Inside You…Finding Authenticity

The idea of authenticity has fascinated me lately because I feel like I hear it everywhere.  The spiritual pop culture today is all about love and light.  Being authentic means rising above the darkness. Well, what if your true authentic self is when you are lying, cheating or depressed as all hell? What if your …

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sex meditation

Sex Meditation…Up Your Pleasure

It’s time to take meditation from the spiritual to the sexual. Using sex meditation will up the pleasure factor in your sexytime experience. Actually, spirituality and sexuality are the same and there isn’t a separation between them as much as certain religions try to make them separate.  Sex is a primal act but it can also …

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