Become A Sexual Alchemist

I’m sure you’ve heard about Alchemy or alchemists. You know, those pre-chemistry scientists that were trying to turn lead into gold. Sound familiar?

Alchemists were scientists searching to make the impossible possible.

So, alchemists believed it was possible to transform energy from a base level to a noble level. 

More than anything else, alchemists were spiritual seekers, wanting to find the ultimate truths.

One secret practice of the alchemists that wasn’t discussed as much, was how they worked with sexual energy.  One of their practices was to ignite the sexual energy in the genitals and circulate the energy up the spine to the brain, then down the front of the body, returning the transformed energy to the sexual organs before beginning a new cycle. 

This was practiced to refine sexual lust into pure spirit. Sex and spirit are not separate.

Connecting your base energy of sex to your noble energy of spirit was how you bring healing, manifestation and huge amounts of pleasure into your life.

You become a magician. 

The gift of alchemy is the knowing that it is possible to transform and transmute energies.  As a modern day alchemist, I use my most powerful energy, sexual energy, to become whole and fully embodied.

Here’s the deal, you have everything you need to be fully embodied, healed and spiritually evolved right now inside you. 

All you have to do is learn how to connect to your base energy, sexual energy, and channel it for deep transformation in body, mind, emotions and spirit.

I have been reading this amazing book by Meggan Watterson called “Mary Magdalene Revealed”.  I am obsessed with learning about ancient teachings that have been hidden because females and sex were at the center. 

Anyway, as I was reading this book, she began to talk about alchemy. My thought was quite timely being that I just released a Free Online Class called “Honoring the Alchemy of the Body”

In Meggan Watterson’s book, she speaks of the ultimate objective of the alchemists:

 “The ultimate objective is to restore the bond between matter and spirit, between earth and heaven, between masculine and feminine, between all those “opposites” that create this illusion of separateness.  The ultimate objective is union.”

Yes. This is exactly what you are capable of doing.  You can unite all the seemingly polar aspects to create a wholeness of truth.

The alchemists were trying to turn lead into gold but it was also a metaphor. 

Gold was the truth of the soul.  They wanted to find the soul while being embodied

I want to teach you that your spiritual and sexual awakenings include your body.  It is in the body that you find your gold, the truth of your soul.  You are not meant to leave your body, or fear it, or give your power away. 

Your body is yours to be deeply connected to. 

This is BIG Stuff!

If you are interested in learning more about this, get this Free Online Class “Honoring the Alchemy of the Body” by CLICKING HERE!

In this class, me and my dear friend, Allison Holley, share about the 4 processes of Erotic Alchemy.  These are specific principles and tools you can use to awaken your sexual energy, trust your body, and ascend into a spiritual evolution. 

This is the teaching of modern day alchemy. 

Have fun exploring!
Monique Gomez

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