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12 Benefits of Meditation that Will Change Your Life For the Better

As you know, I am a huge advocate for meditation! There are so many benefits of meditation but in this article, I’ll touch on just 12 that can change your life for the better!

Why meditation you ask?

Well, meditation has immense benefits for your whole body…I’m talking mental, physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual body. 

Science is now affirming what many spiritual teachers have long taught, that sitting in meditation is a powerful influence in living a happy and connected life. 

My own journey with meditation started in 10 years ago when I found myself in massage school.  It was the first time I was exposed to meditation as a way to connect to my body. 

At first it was incredibly challenging. I think of the scene in the movie “Eat Pray Love”, when Julia Roberts is sitting in the meditation room at the ashram and her mind is thinking of all the things until she feels the stress of sitting in silence. She feels like an eternity has gone by and looks at the clock and it has been one minute. 

That was basically my experience when I started meditating.  My mind became a busy little bee full of distractions and my body felt very uncomfortable.

But over time, I learned how to connect with the body so it could relax and my mind would find its quiet place.

If you can stick with meditation through the uncomfortable phase, little by little it gets easier and actually shifts your brain for the better.

What happens when meditation is part of your life:

  • You become more self-aware and your ability to perceive the world around you shifts.
  • You don’t react to the world around you the same way. 
  • You actually have more understanding of yourself and your inner world so your perception of the outer world shifts. 
  • You become less triggered, less angry, less stressed. 

Meditation is simple and it doesn’t take hours of sitting alone on a mountaintop to reap the benefits of this practice. 

You can meditate anywhere and for as long as you want. 

A good start is 10 minutes.

You can set a timer then turn your phone on silent, close your eyes and sit. 

If you need some guidance, check out my Guided Meditation Series, 3 guided meditations to help you jump start your practice today.

Here are 12 Benefits of Meditation That Change Your Life for The Better:

  1. Lowers stress & anxiety*
  2. Develops a relationship to your body
  3. Cultivates your intuition
  4. Develops self-awareness
  5. Lengthens attention span*
  6. Helps with sleep*
  7. Increases sense of well being*
  8. Connects you to the spiritual realm
  9. Increases your immune system*
  10. Increases creativity*
  11. Helps get you in the flow*
  12. Reduces physical and emotional pain*

So its important to start your practice today. If you want a life that feels alive and full of ease, happiness, and gratitude, start meditating now!

Your life is the result of the choices you make.  If you really want to shift, take actions that make that shift happen.


Have fun exploring!

*14 Benefits of Meditation that Rewire Your Brain for Happiness & Success

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