Body Awakening Program


Embody Your Feminine

Feel confident in your skin

Accept your body

Explore sensual movement

Develop your pleasure capacity

Welcome beauty,

You are a badass soul centered being who is on this planet for a reason.

You are also a human who gets to experience being in a sentient body.

This program exists to celebrate your unique body and connect you deeper to it so you can live stronger in your truth.

I'm here to support and encourage you to get to know your body in new ways and expand your pleasure capacity.

In this program you will explore:

  • Accepting your physical body.
  • Awakening your pleasure.
  • Feeling confident and grounded.
  • Take responsibility and care for your precious unique beautifully body.

The fact is...

You only have one body in this lifetime.


What You Receive in Body Awakening Program

  • 6 One-on-One Sessions

    1 hour weekly ZOOM session designed to connect deeper to your body.

  • Unique Blend

    Breathwork, Meditation, Intuitive Guidance, and Movement.

  • Accountability

    True change happens over time. Invest in your embodiment transformation by committing to the 6 week deep dive.

  • Body Love Intentions

    Learn how to appreciate your body through body love intentions.

  • Soul Work

    Weekly exercises targeted to awaken your sensual & sexual self

Each session is held in SAFE SPACE, meaning, everything discussed is confidential, non judgmental and unconditionally loving.

What's Included In Each Session

  • Breath Work

    Breath is life, therefore, each session begins with a different breath technique that will connect you to this now moment.  

  • Check In

    You will have a chance to check in with your body and express what you are feeling in that moment.  This includes the whole body, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. 

  • Movement Practice

    Each session is tailored to your body and the goals you have to feel more at home in it.  You will learn different movement styles to incorporate in your daily life.

  • Intuitive Guidance

    Monique works with guides and her intuition in every session.  

Each week you will meet with Monique for your session on ZOOM.  Please wear comfortable clothes in a space where you will feel safe to move and express yourself freely.

You Deserve Your Time And Attention

Why Choose Monique?

monique gomez, erotic educator, sex coach, erotic coach, embodiment

I am a guide of sensual awakening.  I have made huge shifts in my own life.  From alcoholic to spiritual guide, I know what it feels like to be living far from body love & to be in pain in my body, feeling extreme in my emotions, chaotic in my mind and guilty in my spirit.


I’m here for you.  I'm on your side.  I can hold space for you.

You are capable to live in your fullness.


Together, we'll create safe space to explore sacred aspects of YOU.

These are not traditional counseling sessions, but guiding space without diagnosis or analysis.

Through the one-on-one sessions, you will have the opportunity to re-feel and re-gain your connection to your inner knowing and your sacred body.  This connection will awaken your sensual and sexual energies.

Inner Knowing is the TRUE HEALER.

What People Are Saying

"My session with Monique encouraged huge forward movement in my life and gave me tools to integrate on a daily basis to keep the healing and magic of the session flowing long after it ended." -Jen

"Monique has such a beautiful and caring soul. My session with her was so informative and eye-opening. She has a way of guiding the conversation where you don’t realize that you are in a session but just talking to a good friend. She is definitely very passionate about her teachings and it gives you a sense that she is genuinely there to help you on your individual journey. After our session, I felt that a huge weight had lifted off my shoulders and I had a new sense of clarity that I had not had in such a long time. I would definitely recommend Monique’s session! You will gain so much perspective about yourself and about the choices that you make." - Cindy

Now is the time to develop the most important relationship you will every have...


  • Discover your body beliefs

  • Unravel guilt and shame keeping you from your sensual self

  • Align your life to honor your body

  • Find inner balance for true expression of self

  • Explore your relationship with your body

  • Learn Self Love tools

  • Dive into your WHOLE Body for full embodiment

  • Explore Energetic Body Systems (chakras, meridians, aura)

6 Weeks To A New Relationship With



  • Foundation & Roots

  • Subtle & Energetic Body

  • Acceptance & Compassion

  • Intuitive Movement

  • Expression & Pleasure

  • Whole Body Perspective

Everything you are searching for is inside,

you only need to create space to find it.

Body Awakening Program

Pay In Full


One-Time Payment

6 one-on-one coaching sessions

Weekly Movement Practice

Breathwork Techniques and Practices

Weekly Soul Work Assignments for deeper embodiment

Flexible Payments


Three (3) Easy Monthly Payments

6 one-on-one coaching sessions

Weekly Movement Practice

Breathwork Techniques and Practices

Weekly Soul Work Assignments for deeper embodiment

*All purchases are final.  This program is deep and sacred so once bought there is no refund option.

**All sessions will be scheduled via email after purchase is made. If you have any questions before purchasing, email Monique at

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

This is for all female-identifying persons who want to have a deeper connection to their body, to learn breath techniques, expand their meditation practices, and commit to a movement practice for 6 weeks.

Are refunds available?

Due to the nature of the program, refunds are not available.

How do we meet for sessions?

All sessions will be over ZOOM. You will get an email with the appropriate links.

How do I schedule my sessions?

All sessions will be scheduled via email. Once the program is purchased, you will get an email from Monique to schedule your 6 sessions.

What to wear for your sessions?

For each session, its recommended to wear loose clothing that is comfortable to move in.  Also, make sure you are in a space that is big enough for a yoga mat.

Have more questions?

You can email me with your questions or reach out if you want to set up a time to chat more about the program.

My email is but you can also head over to the Contact page on my website and fill out the form.