emotional home

Where is Your Emotional Home?

Your emotional home is the emotion you automatically attach as your experience life.  This is the emotion that feels safe or comfortable to express.  As a human, you experience a wide array of emotions throughout your life, heck even throughout your day.  These emotions can be happiness, joy, anxiety, calm, sadness, anger, grief, confidence, irritation, …

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express for choice

Express Your Voice, Create Choice

Do you find it difficult to express what you really want? Do you ever feel like your voice is suppressed and your choices become limited because you didn’t follow your desires? When you express your truth, you immediately create a world of possibilities. Your voice is your greatest tool. Your voice is directly related to …

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buddha with two faces


Can you identify the feeling you are experiencing right now? Is it happiness, anxiety, overwhelm, irritation? Or are you feeling nothing? Void to any feeling at all? Yay! You just did a big awareness shift and an important practice tool in developing intuition… YOU BECAME AWARE OF YOUR FEELINGS! Feelings can be a confusing, loaded …

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