pleasure practice

What is a Pleasure Practice?

You deserve to experience loads of pleasure throughout your day. In fact, you are in a body that is designed to experience loads of pleasure. The best way to get there is through a pleasure practice. Think about it, you have five physical senses-touch, taste, sound, smell, and sight-always taking in data that is creating …

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feeling pleasure

How To Choose Pleasure

It might sound crazy, but most of us don’t know how to choose pleasure.  Unfortunately, there is a pleasure limitation that is running rampant, keeping us from a deep satisfaction in life.  We can be more comfortable in suffering and pain, which limits our experience of pleasure. Or we have an addiction to pleasurable things …

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buddha with two faces


Can you identify the feeling you are experiencing right now? Is it happiness, anxiety, overwhelm, irritation? Or are you feeling nothing? Void to any feeling at all? Yay! You just did a big awareness shift and an important practice tool in developing intuition… YOU BECAME AWARE OF YOUR FEELINGS! Feelings can be a confusing, loaded …

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Meditation Is Power: 3 Meditation Myths that keep you from your power

So I’m sure you’ve been told by at least one person that meditation is super helpful.  Well I”m here to confirm that and say YES! Meditation is a powerful practice that connects you to YOU!  The benefits of meditation are HUGE especially in this culture where we are bombarded with stimulus, self doubt and a …

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