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3 Ways to Cultivate Conscious Sexuality

Do you practice conscious sexuality?

There are three pillars to conscious sexuality:

  • Awareness
  • Respect
  • Truth

To be conscious means to be aware and responding to your surroundings.  When you bring awareness, respect and truth into your sexual experiences, you begin to practice conscious sexuality. 

The important thing about conscious sexuality is that you are showing up with your entire being.  You are allowing yourself to be fully present in the moment. And when you do that, your entire body can respond and feel the pleasure sex brings. 

It can be difficult and sometimes scary to bring your attention to an aspect that can hold a lot of shame, guilt, trauma or discomfort

This is completely normal in the beginning of practicing conscious sexuality.  You might not want to look at all that is going on emotionally as you engage sexually and instead focus on the physical. 

This is where the struggle lives which is totally OK because we haven’t learned this kind of sexual interaction. 

The emotions are a huge part of showing up in pure awareness. 

Conscious sexuality is not just about getting to orgasm.  Orgasm is not the goal in conscious sexuality.

It is about connecting.

It is about learning how to show up with your entire body awareness that includes physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. 

Remember you are more than just a body and sex is more than just a physical act. 

Opening your heart to respect yourself and the person you’re engaging with is a foundation to conscious sex.  

There has to be respect and consent to provide a safe space where you open your heart.  Then the truth of who you are is shown. 

There is big magic when you are in your truth. 


Meditation-daily practice of sitting shifts how we connect with ourselves and in turn how we connect with the world around us.  Meditation teaches awareness through observation of thoughts without attachment.

Respect yourself– This includes your feelings and desires. You can tune into what feels good in the moment and respect whatever is coming up for you.

Show up in your truth– This can be scary but communication can be the trick to showing up with truth.  You can express what is happening in the moment with your partner and that creates trust.

Have fun exploring!

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