Creative Expression is a Sensual Experience

All humans are here to create. Whether it’s a piece of art, a cooked meal, or another human, the yearning for creation is innate in each of us. Using creative expression is how you can allow your inner world to be seen. When you are creating, your mind is able to relax and thoughts tend to slow down or seize all together. You are fully in the moment, you are fully embodied.

Creativity is an avenue to your sensual self

Living from a place of creativity is living from your sacral energetic center, also known as the place where sexual energy lives.  Sexual energy and creative energy are one of the same. So evoking your creative spark turns on your sexual energy center. 

Remember, we are speaking beyond just the act of sex here. When I talk about sexual energy, I referring to the energy that keeps us out of stagnation. It’s the energy that feels the most alive. It’s the powerful energy that weaves the unseen with the seen. It’s the energy that births the new into existence.

You don’t have to be an artist to be creative

One of the biggest reasons people don’t want to explore this energy is because they don’t consider themselves creative. And to every person I come in contact with who has that excuse I say, “Nope. Not hearing it.”

You are a human and by design, creativity is a part of the experience. You don’t have to be the next Picasso, but there is an essence in every human that holds the flame of creativity. And this is what I invite you to explore this week. 

Ways to evoke creative flow:

  • Listen to your favorite music while dancing.
  • Shop for an exotic ingredient that you must use in a meal you prepare this week.
  • Try drawing something with your non-dominant hand.
  • Pick up an old hobby you had as a child…coloring is a great one.
  • Take a picture every day for the next week of something in nature you find inspiring.
  • Wear an outfit that makes you feel more creative. Maybe it’s a pop of color in your jewelry or a t-shirt of your favorite band. Use your wardrobe as art.

Remember, you are here to create. You are a masterpiece in your own right. You don’t need to have talent in order to be creative. You just need to try. Step out of the box and try something a little uncomfortable.  Allow the flow to come through you in new exciting ways.

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