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Do You Question Your Self Worth?

Lately I have been diving into the ideas and beliefs I have regarding self worth.  It is a tricky path to follow because I feel deep identifiers are tied up in the topic of worthiness.

One belief I have discovered is this:

Who I am or what I do in the world is directly related to how worthy I am.  Whoa! This feels extreme to me.

Generally in our culture, if you are financially successful, you are worthy.

If you are the CEO of a huge company, you are worthy. If you are doing something that is viewed as “important”, you are worthy. But what about those of us who are just getting through the day working in jobs that keep the bills paid? Or feeling like we are comfortable but not soul satisfied? Those of us who do not fit into the equation of success = worth. How is worthy measured then?

As a woman today, I am well aware of the struggles women before me have endured so I could have the opportunities I do today. 

However, I believe with that struggle, an underline belief came out.  We began to measure ourselves as the patriarch model measures people…in a hierarchy.  There is a top and a bottom.  The belief is, we better rise to the top if we want to be worthy of taking up space in this world.

As with most structures built from the patriarchal model, we end up in a constant state of striving for more to prove ourselves worthy. In turn, this creates hurt, pain and disappointment.  Our beliefs are far from the fact that we are already a miracle and don’t need to prove ourselves to anyone. 

I wonder:

How do you measure your worth? 

Is it through money? The number on the scale? How many social events on your calendar? Or something else?

For me, I get hung up on financial success equaling worth.  A very typical ideal in the western culture. However, the feeling of not being good enough because I am not in the rat race of American ideals is dropping away. Spending time in another country gives perspective and I feel a lightness as I let go of beliefs that are no longer serving me. I feel it’s time to own my worth as I am.

Self-worth is vital when talking about a life of joy and authenticity.  You are enough. I am enough. 

Finding the time to sit with yourself to make friends with who you are is vital.

A goal oriented mind can keep us pushing when really we need to rest. It can keep us active, in the yang energy, when we really need to be passive, in the yin energy. Because of this distorted view of success and worth, when a goal is accomplished there is still dissatisfaction.  So, another goal is set, then another and we continue to set goals as part of trying to search for the deep satisfaction of acceptance of ourselves and our worth. 

Every being is here in a unique and specific way.  It is up to each of us to feel that truth in our deepest selves. Only you can get to that place of truth for yourself.

Dive deeper into your believes around self worth. I invite you to ask yourself…

What are the things that come easy to you?

What are the things you do without anyone giving you money to do it?  These are things that are not a distraction either like drinking, getting high, or binging on Netflix (I’m damn good at that!). 

What are the activities that light you up? 

The answers to these questions can become a road map to where you find your worth.  It is a great beginning to exploration. If you are called to dive deeper with your journey, check out the INNER ALTAR SESSIONS. Sometimes we just need a little support.

It is in the state of ease and acceptance that you find your peace and worth on this planet. 

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