Do You Struggle With Authentic Expression?

connecting with your authentic expression

As a woman, I have struggled with authentic expression. I have been bullied, hit, slapped, and told to shut up for expressing my opinion or feelings about an issue. Over time, I learned to silence myself because that would keep me safe. As a child, I realized more powerful people (usually men) were allowed the right to have an opinion. I was not in a power position which meant I needed to stay quiet. I have hidden my voice, imitated other voices, or downright ignored my voice.

Through my many years of diving deep into my heart, there is one thing I have discovered to be true, my voice is mine and worth being heard

When I speak of voice, I speak of two voices becoming one…the physical voice that is shared with the world, and the internal voice, the one only heard by you.

Your internal voice is your authentic voice.

Your authentic voice lives deep inside your being.  It is your intuition. It is the gut feeling. When you tune into that gut feeling, you know what works for you and what does not.  (Learn more about how to connect with your intuition here.)

Authentic voice is the deep soul who is having this human experience.  It is the voice that has been around since the beginning of creation.  It is the power that lives deep inside each one of us but rarely does it get to come out to speak. 

The external voice of expression and internal voice of intuition are related. They can work together to create harmony in our lives, or they battle each other and create fear, anxiety and sadness. Part of why I do the work I do is to bring women to connect with their voice rather than battle it.

It’s time to break down the barriers women come up against as we try to find our place in the world. 

It’s time to reclaim your power and authentically express yourself. We are women who are meant to hold the center of humanity. And now, it is time to take our place in the middle of the circle.  We are the women who are meant to create. It is the energy of the feminine that is strong enough to stick with the grueling process of birthing new into the world.

It is the woman who is meant to have the voice that guides humanity with a whole picture in mind. 

That is why it is vital for the women today to find their authentic voice and authentic expression. To connect with who they really are and bring truth forward. To live authentically everyday and begin to create a world that provides safe space for everyone.

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