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Empower Your Inner Magician Part 1

Lets discuss some qualities that are vital to develop as you get to know your personal power for transformation. You can empower your inner magician by practicing. 

This is a time of great change and with this change comes a wealth of space and time as routines have been interrupted.

You have the choice of how you can spend this new founded time. Why not spend it on deep transformation?

You have an opportunity to tune into your body, mind and spirit and empower your inner magician.

Remember, you have everything you need inside you to manifest any desire which might include:

  • Your health and well being
  • Having deeper connections in relationships
  • More pleasure
  • Better sexual experiences (including better orgasms)
  • Living in alignment with your true self

There are 9 qualities you can begin to develop to bring empower your body, spirit, heart and sexual energy. 

Today, I want to share the first 4 qualities so you can consider creating a practice around them. Just like a mediation practice or yoga practice, you develop more skill when you are dedicated to your process. 

Each quality is an invitation to come deeper into who you truly are and express all aspects of you. 

You are a sexual magician. Your body is your vessel to trust, connect with, listen to and empower. You are have everything you need inside you to become the best version of yourself.

Remember, you can learn how to transform your sexual energy into a force that works with you, awakens you, and aligns you with your true purpose.

Here are the first 4 qualities to empower your inner magician and become a sexual alchemist:

  1. Creating-Sexual energy is the ultimate creative force. Remembering that you can push beyond the limits of what you have been conditioned to belief and create your life and love in “out of the box” ways.
  2. Awareness-You bring all your energy into the present moment, meaning your focus is on the here and now. With that attention, you begin to see the world in a new way and meet anything that is coming at you with a true seeing.
  3. Tuning In-You become one with the vibrations, mood, and energy that is surrounding you. This means that you feel the energies and can perceive the unseen.
  4. Willingness-This is a continual practice of showing up as yourself knowing that things are constantly changing.  You are willing to meet your surroundings with love and a willingness to grow.

I want you to consider these qualities for the next week.  Grab a journal and reflect on how you already work with these areas and how you want to evolve in each. 

Your sexual evolution begins with your inner evolution.  

Remember, you are worth your time and attention. You deserve to feel pleasure, aliveness, and your raw truth.

Have fun exploring,

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