Express Your Gratitude

Last week I shared a new practice I have been committed to that has helped me gain a new perspective…the gratitude journal. As I have been keeping up with the practice, I have added something else that gives gratitude even more positive effects. t’s important to express your gratitude as you work with your gratitude journal.

What I mean by express your gratitude is to actively look for ways to tell someone how much you appreciate them.  To actually say the words “I am grateful for you” or “Thank you for being in my life.”

I find this new piece to be very important.  

Recognizing people in your life as something that brings you appreciation is a honoring yourself as much as it is honoring the other.

Often, we do not express our gratitude to our closest relationships, friends, family, or partners.  There is an assumption that they know they are appreciated.   Getting rid of the assumption brings more power to the emotion and using the voice to speak and express what the heart feels helps big energy flow.

Practice speaking your gratitude in the space between you and someone who you are grateful for. 

Process to express and speak your gratitude:

  • Begin with the feeling of gratitude in your heart when you speak the words. 
  • Make eye contact. 
  • Let that moment be recognized as a respect and honoring for another. 

With that said, with a deep bow, I thank each one of you for being a part of my community.

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