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Express Your Voice, Create Choice

Do you find it difficult to express what you really want? Do you ever feel like your voice is suppressed and your choices become limited because you didn’t follow your desires? When you express your truth, you immediately create a world of possibilities.

Your voice is your greatest tool.

Your voice is directly related to the throat chakra.  Energetically, your throat chakra is the expression of the heart, your deepest truths.  Physically it is where the thyroid gland sits. The thyroid gland is responsible for hormonal regularity, metabolism, growth and development of the human body. (Read more about the relationship of the sexual center and voice here.)

Personally, I always like to know what the physical representation of the energetic systems is in the body. It gives me context to relate how an energetic block in the physical area effects the body. Remember, you are a WHOLE system.

If you grew up in the western culture, the probability of you needing to suppress your voice is HIGH. It’s even higher if you are a woman, and even higher if you are a woman of color.  There are many barriers to move in order to get to a point of being heard.

Being heard and seen is what you need to feel alive. I’m not talking about fame or being known by many. I’m talking about one person to hear what you have to say, to listen and to see who you are. For one person to see the deepest parts of you is a powerful human experience. 

Let the body guide you

The body is a great map to guide you in truth and determine what might be holding you back from your true expression.  The body holds the truth of our authentic response. Unfortunately, we learn from a very young age how to bypass the body and get in the mind. The mind gives us trouble when we start think our way out of the body rather than feel into it. 

You voice tells the truth of what you are really feeling. 

It’s easy to notice how your voice changes in situations where you are comfortable speaking your truth and when you are compromising your truth.  There is a tightness that happens in the throat when you aren’t able to say what you really feel. When you are speaking your truth, it might also feel tight or scary or your voice might shake, but that is OK. 

You are allowed to have fear come up when you’re speaking your truth. 

The important thing is to speak it. When you speak what you really want, in any situation, but especially in sexual situations, you are empowering your soul and giving yourself the choice to be as authentic as you can be.

There is power in awareness of your truth because awareness bring choice.

Once you are aware, you have a choice to take the path of truth or of what you should do.  Those “should” are blind beliefs that you can question.  It is healthy to question your “shoulds” to know if they are your truth or something that you have blindly been believing because it was something that nobody really wanted to know about.

Do you want to learn about what you’re really desire sexually?

Ask about it. Talk about it. Find a safe audience who will listen to the sexual questions and curiosities you have. Finding your true voice happens in safe environments so set yourself up for success.

Speaking about your desires is a powerful practice. These desires can be anything from a new job, a fancy meal, or sexual curiosities. The practice of speaking them gives you more opportunity for choice.

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