Fear Of Being Seen Keeps YOU Stuck

So this week I wanted to share something SUPER personal and get REAL with you about my soul journey. This is a real fear that can keep you stuck and paralyzed. I know it has done that for me at times. Now it’s vulnerable to share deeply so I hope you can receive with open and loving hearts. One of my biggest fears is being seen in the world as my true authentic self. I fear I will never be truly accepted if I let the full me be seen. 

Do you resonate with this one?

I know this might sound crazy because my work is supporting people all around the world to step into their truth and live a life that is the most authentic version of themselves

Yet I have the same struggle.

I find it’s easier for me to be a cheerleader and guide for others and see all the greatness in another, but when I look in the mirror I can’t always see it for myself.  This fear has kept me stuck at times from moving forward on my path.

Being my full self means owning my intuitive gifts, my new found love for pole dancing, my deeply emotional spaces and my sensual expression.

So, I have been working on this practice of sharing my FULL SELF to move the fear of being seen. Being seen means letting all my judgments I have around myself as a whole. Nobody fits in a box so allowing ourselves to be full, complex and engaged in all we love is a gift.

To be honest, intuitive readings was never an offering I thought would be a part of my work yet here I am diving into this beautiful gift and helping people in deep transforming ways.

To practice self honoring, I want to share a few testimonials I have received from my intuitive reading sessions:

“I just had a phenomenal session with Monique. It was so powerful and emotional. I’ve never had an intuitive reading before and I didn’t know what to expect. She had me ask questions of her and was able to tap into the guidance of spirit guides. I must say the experience was quite moving. I can’t wait to come back to Monique throughout my journey to help tap into my spiritual side!”
-Nicole, Nova Scotia

“Monique is a very good intuitive. She is gentle and clear. She pauses to think before she speaks which is a good thing because it means she is seeing things and needs to discern what is what and is being careful to be clear. I recommend her if you would like feedback for issues of an immediate nature.”
-Wave, California

This week it is my practice to see myself and my greatness through other people’s eyes letting it wash over me.

Thank you for receiving my sharing. 

I would love for you to share one thing that you are great at. Email your reply with one compliment to yourself from yourself or it can be a compliment from another. 

This practice is courageous and also needs to be done to shift ourselves out of being small.  It is important we see ourselves in the great big ways other people see us.

I appreciate you and your time and attention.  Remember, you are an amazing being with something special and unique to share with the world.



If you are interested in receiving intuitive guidance from me to help move you into the next level of clarity, CLICK HERE and fill out the form so we can get connected. 
Also, if you know someone who is interested, please feel free to share the info.  It’s always fun connecting!

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