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Can you identify the feeling you are experiencing right now?

Is it happiness, anxiety, overwhelm, irritation? Or are you feeling nothing? Void to any feeling at all?

Yay! You just did a big awareness shift and an important practice tool in developing intuition…


Feelings can be a confusing, loaded topic many people would rather not discuss. However, pretending like they don’t exist is detrimental to our overall well-being.  

I don’t have to tell you how feelings in their essence can be confusing, all encompassing, overwhelming waves that completely take over your entire awareness sometimes.  I’m quite sure you are familiar with emotional experiences.  

In some circles you are encouraged to express them and in others, expression of emotions is completely off limits. 

A huge part of developing intuition is to learn about your feelings.

It’s not just about learning how to identify feelings but learn about how to be aware of your feelings. 

When you are aware of your feelings they are less likely to overwhelm you. 

There is a difference when you are aware of what you are feeling, feeling the feeling with honor and respect, and then letting it move on compared to pretending you are not having the feeling and letting it fester deep down as you ignore it. (To learn more about letting go check out How to Let Go In Order To Grow)

Often we are so scared of our feelings, especially the painful ones, that we repress them.  We push them down because we would rather not feel them. 

We pretend they don’t exist because we are afraid to face them or to feel them.

But when you repress the negative feelings, you also repress other feelings, lowering your capacity for experiencing and closing off vital parts of yourself.

You have complete power and control over your relationship with your emotions.  Your feelings are a part of the human experience.

Emotions are transitory.  They come to be experienced then they move on.  Allow them to move and not get stuck in the whirlpool of the mind becoming attached.  Or on the other extreme, trying to run from them and not feel anything. 

Feel deeply then move on and feel again.  

You came to this planet to feel all the feels! There is no shame in that. 

“In order to choose a path with a heart, or to live life whole-heartedly, you need to know how you feel.”
-Frances E. Vaughan

This week I encourage you to feel every feeling you get…feel the feels.  To really shift your awareness from trying to control your feelings to really feeling all the feelings and then watching how they move. 

Choose the path of the heart.

Remember, you are worth your time and attention.


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