How do you show PRIDE?

Pride month has officially begun!

Pride is a time dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community with colors of the rainbow. This acronym is quite long but encompasses the diversity of non-heterosexual experiences.

In most circles, LGTBQIA+ stands for lesbiangay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, asexual, pansexual, and allies.

This is a big, bright, diverse community that stands together to promote equal love.

One of my personal calls to work in the world of sexuality is that there are unlimited experiences and expressions that humans are able to explore.

Sexuality is creative and unique to each individual, and yet a common thread that links us all together. We are all sensual and sexual beings who are wanting authentic connections during our short time on this planet.

Identifiers around sexuality can be charged with emotion.

There is a long history of discrimination around the LGBTQIA+ community. The culture we live in is rigid and unkind to those outside the heterosexual box.

We learn from a young age what is considered “normal” and “appropriate”, which doesn’t leave much room for an authentic discovery to be made in regards to gender, sexual orientation, and community.

I have multiple personal experiences in my life where my safety was in question because I’m not heterosexual. This has created shame, fear, and pain on many levels.

It’s NOT ok to put others in danger because of who they love.

Hateful experiences are difficult to process and, honestly, I’m still coming to terms with my own personal ones. Because of my dedication to process the pain, I’ve created resiliency and a passion to teach about this taboo topic of body and sensuality.

I learned I’m not “wrong” or “bad” to be in this body and love who I love.

My body deserves my attention, pleasure, and truth, as does YOURS.

So this month I invite you to reflect on your sexuality.

  • What are words you would use to describe your personal experience of sexual orientation, gender, and/or identities?
  • How do you (if you do) identify in the LGBTQIA+ community? Allies are part of the community, too!

Remember to be kind to one another. Begin with yourself and let the ripple effect take over.

Sending rainbows of love,

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