relationship with your body

When did you break up with your body?

Most people have broken up with their body at some point in their development.  This happens subconsciously leaving a big hole in relating to ourselves. Your relationship with your body is so important to overall well-being.

Your body is in constant state of growing and evolving. 

Transitioning from infant to toddler to young child then puberty hits and it’s a game changer. 

You go along until one day you look in the mirror and don’t recognize the reflection. 

You change. Your body changes. How you handle that change is how you build your relationship with your body.

Through these transition it can be tough and scary to find love for yourself.

Body fear is a big reason you have disconnected.

At some point in your life, you were unsafe in your body propelling you into a state of fear.  A natural reaction to not feeling safe is to disassociate.

If there was abuse, body shame, or confusion, there is a good chance you retreated and broke up with your body. 

The good news is, she is not going away! There is opportunity to reconnect in a more passionate, full, unconditionally loving way. 

Your relationship with your body is lifelong.

It is never too late to build a new relationship with your body.  Your body deserves your love. 

When you live in deep connection with your body, you experience the fullness of life.

Results includes feeling confident, healthy, sensual and lots of pleasure. 

Your body is how you experience life.  Seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling are sensual experiences.

You learn through your body.  

How to develop your relationship with body:

One way you can immediately connect is to touch yourself.

  • Place your hands on a place that feels scary or that you are hating on. 
  • Send it some love and attention.
  • Your attention creates change. 


Take a moment to consider your body as its own being. 

What questions would you have for her? How would she respond?

Some examples of questions to build a relationship with your body:

  • What do you need from me? 
  • How can I connect with you ?
  • What area needs more attention?
  • When do you feel the most pleasure?

Get creative and open to listening to what comes up. 

Don’t let your mind think. 

Let your body speak.

Get curious. Have fun.

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