how to create safe space

How to Create Safe Space for Evolution

Where do you feel safe? I mean really safe, like you can be 100% yourself.  No judgments or expectations. No “shoulds” or “have tos”.  The place that feels free, alive and creative. The place where your primal flight or fight response is gone, not a threat in sight. 

Where is this place for you?  Have you discovered it yet? 

Our environment is crucial to our healing.  Knowing how to create safe space for evolution is valuable. Healing needs to be supported and held as a priority in our daily routine.  When we feel safe, we can let our guard down.  The walls we create to shield ourselves from the outside world, can fall allowing our hearts to open. We find truth, honesty and ease in our body, energy, mind, and spirit.

What is safe space?

It is a place or environment where you feel confident that you will not be exposed to judgments, harassment, expectations or any other physical or emotional harm.  It is a place where you feel at ease in your entire physical, emotional, energetic body. 

Safe space is often overlooked as a precursor to whole body healing.  However, to dive into the deep emotional waters of our soul, we need to know we are grounded.  That grounding comes from being in a physical place that is safe.  Safety includes being able to express emotions in all the ways they need to show up.  This place is also where we can sit and listen to our minds. It is a place we connect with our spirit. It is a place that our energy can expand and contract without hesitation.

Why is safe space important?

Safe space is our birth right. Every human deserves to feel safe.  Unfortunately, most people find themselves in a very unsafe space not feeling like they can express their true nature.  When we feel safe, our entire being can relax.  We can move our energy to our heart and open this energy channel to find unconditional love for ourselves.

Shamans and ancient healing women and men have always had temples or sacred areas to do their deepest work.  Often, these places were in nature or separate from the community, honored, protected and dedicated to ceremony. To connect with our inner world, we need a space without distractions to truly listen to our heart.

How to create safe space for evolution?

  • Find a place you can visit easily and often where safety is priority. This can be a physical structure like a corner of your bedroom, a studio, or under your favorite tree. This place needs to hold the feeling of safety.
  • Be intentional in how you approach your safe space. Treat your space with gratitude and love. You can create a routine in the creating of it. It can be as simple as sitting on your favorite blanket with a candle lit. Intention is the beginning to shifting space.
  • Incorporate your senses when creating your safe space. For example, incense, candles, and a soft cushion to sit on can trigger a feeling of safety because when you surround yourself with these particular items, your body senses safe space has arrived.
  • Use objects that symbolize safety. This can be a stone that resonates with you, a picture of someone or something that evokes safety or get creative and make something that represents safety to you.

Explore what feels safe.  Remember, this is all about you!  If you have a desire to give yourself a space where healing is priority, there is no doubt you can find something that works for you.  I suggest finding an area where you can be alone. Even if you share a room with a partner, you can set times when nobody is allowed in there but you.  This is your time to be with yourself without judgement, expectations, or threat.

While in this safe space, you can begin body healing work through touch.  Touch is a powerful tool to connect and get to know yourself.  A great guidebook about sensual touch is on its way to you. Check out the offerings to discover more ways to feel safety in your body.  Have fun exploring!

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