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How to Embody Your TRUE Erotic

If you have grown up in the western culture, you are well aware of what “sexy” should look like.  Both men and women have a perceived idea of erotic but very few know what their true erotic nature feels like.

The Culture We Live In

When you type the word “erotic” into any search engine, you will get the same type of image. It’s typically a thin women grabbing her underwear, biting their lip, and inviting you to her bed so she can show you how much she likes to have sex.  Here’s the issue with all those images, none of them are authentic to the person.

The culture we live in has a very strong idea of what erotic needs to look like. From a young age, we learn what we are supposed to strive for regarding sensuality.  Because we spend so much time trying to strive for something that is outside of our authentic expression, we never learn how to actually embody our own erotic nature. Understanding your authentic erotic expression is the new sexual revolution.

Embody your TRUE Erotic means

  • Understand your sensuality
  • Explore your pleasure
  • Intimately know your yoni
  • Understand how your body likes to have an orgasm

These steps get you to understand your authentic expression without having the pressure of the outside world telling you what erotic needs to look like for you. 

You are a unique being full of contradictions, waves of emotion, and cycles that need to be understood and valued.  You are a woman who deserves to understand her own erotic nature, not for a lover, but for herself. 

Authentic Erotic Expression

When you know that you feel the sexiest sitting next to a tree rather than in a dark loft in the city wearing lingerie, you become empowered in who you really are.  You understand what feels amazing to you. 

You no longer look outside yourself for permission to be erotic.  Erotic is a state of being in mind, body, and soul.  It’s respecting your creative nature and allowing all of you to be seen.

Opening up to your pleasure goes against all that we are taught. Life doesn’t have to be about suffering no matter what your circumstances are. It can be about experiencing pleasure too.

You have to understand your most intimate parts, your yoni. When you get to know her and make friends with her, you no longer depend on a lover to make her happy. You take responsibility for your pleasure and your sexual body. 

Then you get to unleash your orgasmic potential.  Orgasms are an explosion of sacred energy. Exploring how your body wants to experience orgasm is up to you. 

Your mind is your biggest sex organ and responsible for your orgasm potential.  Mindfulness is a really important practice if you’re wanting to open your authentic erotic nature.

You can create a life that is erotic in every moment. It’s living in the erotic body that creates more love and understanding of yourself.

5 ways to embody your true erotic

Adopt daily pleasure practices: Begin with feeling the pleasure of the warm sun on your skin, or the taste of your favorite drink. Slow down and notice pleasure.

Sensual dance: put on music you find sexy and dance your heart out.

Self-touch: Your hands are potent tools for discovery. Use them to evoke your erotic. (Check out Self-Touch Healing course to cultivate erotic touch.)

Yoni massage: Yes my dear, it’s ok to massage your yoni without the goal of orgasm. This is a yummy massage to relax, open, and love your intimate parts.

Create art: Sing, dance, cook, paint, or anything that gets you into your creative self.


Do you embody your erotic nature?

Are you comfortable with your sensuality and sexuality?

Let me know how it in the comment box below. I love hearing from you.

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Program begins April 7, 2021.

Until next time my friend,

xo, Monique

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