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How To Let Go In Order To Grow

Last week we talked about change and how to deal with it because it’s not always easy.  As we know, with any change comes a period of letting go.  This is often the most uncomfortable part of the change, right? It’s the part that feels like shit because we don’t want to let go of what we know. But we have to let go in order to grow.

To let go is the part of change that we want to avoid because it requires to trust in the unknown.

But the thing is, we must let go of what is in order to change. 

We must accept the change and let go of what has been in order to make space for what is to come. 

Letting go is challenging.  To let go means to trust in life.  To let go means to trust that the universe will open up and give something else. 

But we also have to grieve what has been our reality.  We have to grieve the person, thing or situation that we are letting go of. 

We can’t skip over this step because if we do, the grief stays in our experience, buried down and will fester creating manifestations in our physical body, emotional world or mental landscape.  

So the question becomes, how do we let go?

Letting go is to consciously decide to accept the way things are and allow the change. 

To know what you can control and to release all that you can’t control.  To allow the person, situation or thing to be released consciously so you can get out of the ruminating of the emotions relating to it.

This is much easier said than done. 

Letting go is hard to do especially when your mind and heart are at odds with each other. 

When your mind logically understands the letting go is for the best but the heart continues to love or to be attached or to have feelings about the thing, situation or person. 

When there is an emotion attached to anything, it makes it that much more challenging to let go. 

Then it becomes a question of how do we respect and feel the emotions related to the let go and not get stuck in the ruminating of them. 

How do we allow to feel the hurt, pain, sadness, anger and grieve that comes along with the letting go? 

Letting go is like a death of something, someone or some situation. 

To let go means to let the future we thought about die away. 

With the die away becomes the new path, the new way.

Allow the let go to be a process.  To know that it takes time to heal the hurt and pain.  To remember the emotions will move. 

That the emotions are there to show you how much you valued something. 

This is great information for you to have so you can continue to move in ways that are true to you. 

In all growing there must be releasing. 

Like a tree sheds its leaves every fall trusting new ones will return in the spring, we can let go of the leaves of emotions that will help us grow and have new experiences in the future.

So continue in your let go process with as much love for yourself as possible.

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