How to Unleash Your Wild Feminine

unleash your wild feminine

Well here’s the deal, no matter your sex or gender, we all have feminine and masculine energy.  These energies are like the yin and yang symbol, both are needed for creation and balance. Understanding the wild feminine is how you can create more balance and understanding of your sensuality.

When you think of the earth in her purest form what do you think of?  I think of forests, wildlife, creative abundance, and the seasons and cycles of movement. The feminine is the earth aspect of the most primal part of you. This energy is fierce and free in her wildness.

The current culture wants to tame and control this wild feminine energy. Unfortunately, female bodied humans are the target for this control. The way our culture has taught women how to behave is a direct reflection of the domestication of our innate wildness.

You are not too much.

I have a question for all my ladies out there…

How many times have you been told you’re too much? That your too pretty? Or too loud? Or maybe too opinionated?

These are many ways women have been trained to stay small and “appropriate”.  Since we were little people, we have been taught how to not love ourselves. We aren’t allowed or encouraged to express the wild nature of our inner world because it was “too much”.  This wildness is related to your sexual and erotic expression.  Sexual energy is a very wild energy. Wild in the sense of creative, untamed, and unapologetic. That is the energy that needs to be understood and allowed so you can become authentically whole. 

You are allowed to feel amazing.

There is a story I hear most often from my clients and I resonate with myself.

It goes like this:

One day I got dressed up, did my hair and makeup, and felt really beautiful. I was feeling myself in all the best ways; confident, strong, and sexy. Within the first few minutes of walking into the world, someone makes a comment like “wow, you look so different”. This comment is usually made by someone I know and love but said in a tone as if to say “it’s not ok to look and feel what you’re feeling right now”. This immediately tells my subconscious it’s not ok to be this much. Now the learned response is to downplay myself or dismiss my wild energy to make that person comfortable.

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced something similar.

This is just one example of how the wild feminine can get shut down so quickly and keeps us away from being authentic. 

Wild feminine is the freedom to be yourself without apology.

This is the freedom to look the way you look, to feel the way you feel, to think your thoughts. It’s basically the undomesticated version of yourself.  This is the version that came onto this planet to explore. 

If you get a chance to watch or engage with a child, you can see what wildness looks like before it’s tamed.  Children are typically able to be wild in their play, how their emotions are expressed the moment they are having them, how they connect to the earth, and are incredibly curious about their surroundings. 

Children are not yet fully domesticated so their wildness is still able to be seen. They dress themselves in ways that feel perfect for them. When they present their outfit you say how beautiful or cool they look and they know its true because they are fully being themselves. 

Then after some time, you notice when the wildness starts to go away. You see it dim after a time of being in the world. They become more conscious of what others are thinking, of how they are behaving, and how they express.  This is when the wildness starts to be tamed.

This wildness is what we need to cultivate. We need to remember our primal self. The wild feminine who is expressive of her creativity, her emotions, and her sensuality. Expressing it all without apology for being too much!

4 ways to connect with your wild feminine:

  • PLAY OUTSIDE-get outside and play. Be silly, run around, get on a swing.
  • GET DIRTY-touch the earth as much as you can. Plant a garden, dig a hole, roll around in the grass.
  • DISCONNECT FROM SCREENS-designate time to be completely off your screen. A hour, a day, a weekend. Remember what it feels like without one for awhile.
  • DANCE-Put on your favorite music and dance around like a little kid, as if nobody is watching you.

With all this new insight, it’s time to integrate it by pulling out your journal or answering in the comment box below these INNER REFLECTION questions:

  1. How do you experience your wild feminine energy?
  2. Do you feel judgements when you or others are expressing this energy?

Let me know how it in the comment box below which one of the four ways to get wild you are going to explore.  Or maybe you create your own way. Either way let me know! I love hearing from you.

Until next time. Stay curious my friend.

xo, Monique

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