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How using ancient teachings can Up Level your Sexual Energy

How can ancient sexual teachings help you cultivate your sexual energy? 

The principles of Tao follow the natural cycles of nature herself. According to Chinese philosophy, Tao is the origin of all things in the Universe. By following the energy and the natural flow of things, you can tune your body into the flow itself.  In doing this, you create a deeper sense of being or belonging.

Loving your body is crucial, especially at this time of great transitions.

We are in a time of great shifting and transformation.  We need to be in our bodies so we can process all that is going on around us.

In order to reach higher levels of consciousness, we need to be deeply rooted in the ground. The bigger picture in spiritual awakening and evolving includes using our bodies and bringing them with us rather than old beliefs that we have to forget the body entirely. 

That’s why embodiment is a key aspect to spiritual evolution.  The deeper your roots are, the higher your branches can grow. 

How does sexual energy tie into evolution?

Sexual energy is not about the act of sex. Sexual energy is the “alive” energy. It is the feeling of being so alive, happy, satisfied, and aligned with your true essence.  Sexual energy is your ultimate creative, life force energy When you learn how to work with it, you open up infinite possibilities for healing, wholeness, and truth. 

Using ancient principles of the Tao and Tantric arts, you can cultivate sexual energy and live in balance of energies. 

Nature is a great resource to look upon and follow.  As mother earth goes through cycles and seasons, so do humans.  Everything is a reflection to what we are.

Your sexual energy is your source of infinite creativity and life.  It is your root energy.  This energy is stored in the pelvis where the sexual organs are. That’s why embodiment is part of the awakening of this energy. When you can be present in your body and feel your body experience, you can work with the energies in a deeper way.

There are various breath practices, movements and visualizations that connect you to this energy and allow it to awaken so it can flow freely. 

When you start to view sexual energy as healing life force energy, there are benefits to the whole body. 

  • Physically: balances hormones, strengthens the pelvic floor, increases immunity, rejuvenates, and boosts energy throughout the day.
  • Energetically: Moves the energy (qi) throughout the body
  • Emotionally: Connects us deeply with our emotional world
  • Spiritually: We become more present and with more consciousness
  • Mentally: Increases positive thoughts and an overall sense of well being

When you are fully aware of your sexual energy, you feel more confident in your skin, more alive in your day and more in the present moment. 

Remember, this energy is YOUR life force energy. Nobody can take it away from you.  You can cultivate it to become the truest, aligned, and present being in your body.

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