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Intuitive Readings

Find clarity, direction, and forward movement to feel EMPOWERED

Do You...

  • Need more clarity?
  • Desire better understanding of your life & purpose?
  • Want guidance around your relationships? With partners, lovers or yourself?
  • Or do you just feel lost and need a little direction?

Everything you are searching for is just beyond the veil. It takes opening your inner eye to find it.

Each Intuitive Reading Includes...

  • 1 Hour

    One-on-One ZOOM call with Monique

  • Audio Recording

    Each session is recorded and dropped into your inbox for replay anytime

  • Soul Work

    Individual exercises targeted for your specific desires to awaken your authentic path

How it works

  • We will create safe space to explore sacred aspects of YOU.
  • Monique connects with your spirit guides to support you in your current "stuck points" or general guidance for your highest good.
  • Through your session, you will have the opportunity to re-feel and re-gain your connection to your inner knowing, your sacred Being & your spirit counsel.  This connection will awaken you to your AUTHENTIC SELF.


The Process

  • Monique connects with the highest vibration beings of love and light who are available to support and guide you for your highest good.
  • These spirit beings show up in many ways.  Monique often get images, colors or body sensations.
  • Monique works with her intuition and connection to your spirit guides to give you the information you need to help you move in true direction.
  • Sometimes, she uses oracle or tarot decks to assist in the reading.

Session Step by Step

  • 1. Grounding

    Each session begins with a grounding meditation (1-2 minutes)

  • 2. Begin

    Monique says "Ready to begin" and a timer is set.

  • 3. Questions & Insights

    You begin to ask your questions.  These can be general or very specific.  It is all up to you and what you want to get more clarity around.

  • 4. Closing

    After the session is complete, Monique sends you the audio recording so you can listen again anytime you want for more clarity and insights.

Each session is held in SAFE SPACE, meaning, everything discussed is confidential, non judgmental and unconditionally loving.


What People Are Saying

I felt completely safe and held during my reading with Monique. Her way with imagery gave me a new way to see my inner world and provided me with grounded images to go back to that felt supportive. Monique's intuitive reading is unlike any other reading I have had. During the session with Monique, I was guided to heal core emotional issues that I had not yet been able to put a name to on my own. My session with her encouraged huge forward movement in my life and gave me tools to integrate on a daily basis to keep the healing and magic of the session flowing long after it ended.

-Jenny, Santa Fe

I just had a phenomenal session with Monique. It was so powerful and emotional. I’ve never had an intuitive reading before and I didn’t know what to expect. She had me ask questions of her and was able to tap into the guidance of spirit guides. I must say the experience was quite moving. I can’t wait to come back to Monique throughout my journey to help tap into my spiritual side!

-Nicole, Nova Scotia

Monique is a very good intuitive. She is gentle and clear. She pauses to think before she speaks which is a good thing because it means she is seeing things and needs to discern what is what and is being careful to be clear. I recommend her if you would like feedback for issues of an immediate nature.

-Wave, California