Keep Your Limiting Beliefs In Check

Like anything, you are your own limit when it comes to your ability to create an intimate partnership. Relationships are not something that happens to you.  They are choices you are making, people you are choosing to engage in. What you believe you deserve can be one of many limiting beliefs that holds you back from having full, wholehearted relationships.

You have a choice of how you show up in the world. Your beliefs about your story keep you attracting the specific people you do. 

Are you noticing a pattern of the type of people you are allowing into your life?

I know for a very long time, I was attracting partners that were not fully committed.  They were not fully trust worthy either.  I had an internal belief that I didn’t really deserve to be loved fully and that relationships were all about the drama of not being able to trust someone.  I just thought that was part of the relationship gig. 

After my last relationship ended, I realized I had this deep belief that was limiting my potential of partners. Awareness creates choice. When I realized the belief, I was able to make a choice.

You only can get what you think you can get.

The beliefs and stories you hold about yourself are extremely powerful. They are what keep you in a story of who you are and why you make the choices you make.  It’s important to take time to reflect on these thoughts, especially when it comes to what sort of partner you want in your life. 

Remember, a belief is just a habit of a thought so it can be changed the same way a habit can be broken.

  • What are some of your beliefs you have around having a partner?
  • What do you want in a partner?
  • Do you feel you can have what you really want?

One way to help get clear on what you want is to imagine how it will feel to be next to your partner. 

How does it feel in your body when you are with the one that you want to commit to?

Getting into the feeling in your body helps you get clear on what it is you really want and also what you deserve (want to learn more about getting into your body, click here). You can be in a relationship now that doesn’t feel what you imagine. That’s ok, but it might be time to make some changes. 

Your beliefs around who you are, who you can love, who you can be with are important to spend time examining.  These beliefs are often ones that keep you small. 

Fear to step into what you really want or making big changes with the person you have can come up.  But really knowing your beliefs is important to really knowing who you are.

Limiting beliefs in what you can have sexually is also something that needs to be checked. 

  • What is the story you tell yourself about you as a sexual person?
  • Do you see yourself as sexual? 
  • How do you hold back from what you really desire?

Finding your deep desires can be a road map to finding the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from expressing your sexual self. When you know what you want, it can become clear on what are the thoughts keeping you from that. 

You are bigger than your beliefs. Take away the limits of the mind and the rest will be able to unfold in magical ways.

Every story can be changed. Every belief can be evaluated. You are never stuck in anything that doesn’t really serve your deepest soul.

Yet it does take a level of bravery to step up and claim your desires with certainty. 

It takes courage to believe in the best possible version of you and let go of the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

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