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Making Time for Meditation

How many times have you told yourself, “I would love to start meditating but with everything going on right now, I just don’t have time.”

Here’s the thing, we always make time for the things that are important to us or something we really want to do. 

You could be completely overwhelmed by work, family and the endless “To Do” list but if something came up spontaneously that was important to you, you would absolutely make the time to do it. 

So why not give yourself time to get to know your most inner truth.

Throughout the day we are constantly given the opportunity to make choices and excuses.  It is up to you to decide what really matters to you.

It only takes 10 minutes a day to start a mediation practice that can transform your life. You can absolutely give yourself 10 minutes out of the 1,440 minutes in a day. 

Evaluate your how you spend your time to find the 10 minutes.  Can you get up 10 minutes earlier?
Can you take off the notifications on your phone?
Get creative as you make room for this practice.

Here are some common Time Sucks:

  • Checking your social media 
  • Checking emails
  • Internet shopping, scrolling through the news, and just general browsing
  • Television, Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  • Chatting on the phone 

If you cut out just a little bit from these time sucks, you can find the time and space to grow your meditation practice. 

In fact, you can find time to do anything you have been wanting to do like learn a language, play guitar, read, draw, start a business. 

Meditation is a practice.  Like any practice you are building the muscle to connect to yourself, your body, your mind, your emotions.  

Why commit to your meditation practice?

  1. There are loads of health benefits to a meditation practice. Check out 12 Top Benefits of Meditation.
  2. Meditation grows your intuition muscle.  When you grow your intuition muscle, it becomes easier to listen to it, which means you are following your heart and living authentically. 
  3. It is a practice of SELF LOVE! Give yourself the most precious resource you have on this planet…TIME! Show yourself love by giving yourself time.

If you feel intimated by sitting in silent meditation, you can always use guided audio meditations.  Guided meditations are an amazing way to connect.

To support you in this journey, I created an entire package of guided body meditations you can check out HERE.

I invite you to begin today.  Begin a practice that can connect you to your heart. 

Have fun exploring!

PS- I would love to hear how your mediation practice is going by leaving a comment below!!

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