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Mindful Practice for Mindful Choices

I am sure you have heard the term “Mindful” at someone point. Usually it is related to a New Age thought and used as a cure all to relax and live stress free, which sounds amazing right? Creating a mindful practice is a powerful tool to make mindful choices.

It would be fantastic to say I am completely mindful and feel all the stress melt away.  However, it usually is not that easy. To get good at something you have to start doing it over and over again.  You have to practice

Mindfulness is the practice of being in the present moment while acknowledging the sensations, thoughts and feelings in the body. It is watching your thoughts without judgement, attachments or expectations. 

Why is mindfulness practice important?  Well, according to recent statistics, 77% of American adults regularly experience physical symptoms related to stress and 73% regularly experience psychological symptoms related to stress*.  These are high numbers.  

We are living in a world where the majority of people are feeling out of control, overwhelmed, and pressured.  

And guess where we hold it…our body.  We begin to have physical symptoms like fatigue, headaches, upset stomach or digestive issues, insomnia, chest pain, and overall muscles tension.  All of these create chronic illness in the body overtime.  If we begin to help ourselves with the stress, we automatically help our health.  

One tool you can start using now to start a Mindful Practice

One of my teachers gave me an image/meditation that helped me when thinking about mindfulness. She said close your eyes and image yourself sitting by a small river.  You are sitting on a rock that sits just above the stream. You are comfortable, warm and at ease.  She said the river is your mind. You are looking down at it moving over the rocks below. The water is constantly flowing because that is what it does. The leaves and debris that moves along it are thoughts in your mind. Sometimes, the river is clear and other times it is full of debris.  

Continue to stay curious without judgement as your mindful practice develops. If you feel like you need more support around this, you can sign up for an INNER ALTAR SESSION to get focused, guided meditation practices from Monique. Click on the offering page to find your way.

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