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Hi, I'm Monique, educator & coach, intimacy advocate, embodiment guide and TEDx speaker. My work is to support women in weaving soul, body, and sexual energy so you can step into your fullness and show up in all the roles you hold empowered.

You are a sacred being who deserves to feel confident, embodied and clear so you move into a LIFE YOU LOVE.

Sometimes you need a different perspective to help you move in the direction of your deepest desires with self and others.  Let me guide you as you explore your capacity of intuition, embodiment, sexual expression and intimacy.

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Discover your wild sensuality through the divine feminine.  It's time to bring the divine feminine back as the guide of true awakening.

In this four week program, you will:

  • Empower your sensuality
  • Rediscover your pleasure
  • Getting intimate with your yoni
  • Conjuring the magic of your orgasm

You are doing women's work. Reclaim your sexy on your own terms.

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BIG changes requires BIG action. Body Awakening Program is a full on embodiment training.  One-on-one coaching gives you focused time dedicated to your evolution.

  • Feel confident in your skin
  • Accept your body
  • Explore sensual movement
  • Develop your pleasure capacity
Each session is done through video or phone, whichever is more comfortable for you.

Learn how to weave your SOUL, BODY, & SEXUAL ENERGY

sexual story

Rewrite Your Sexual Story

By moniquegomez | July 15, 2020

Your sexual story is powerful because it creates your reality. If you are constantly telling yourself that you are not attractive or that you have to lose weight before you’re worth the relationship you desire, you are ready for a new story. Most of the stories we tell ourselves are nonsense. They’re not based in …

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Keep Your Limiting Beliefs In Check

By moniquegomez | July 8, 2020

Like anything, you are your own limit when it comes to your ability to create an intimate partnership. Relationships are not something that happens to you.  They are choices you are making, people you are choosing to engage in. What you believe you deserve can be one of many limiting beliefs that holds you back from …

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sexual satisfaction

The Key to Sexual Satisfaction

By moniquegomez | July 1, 2020

The ancient Tantric masters say the key to unlocking sexual satisfaction is one very simple but often highly difficult state to maintain. Your presence. Basically, if you can get out of you head and into your body to become completely present and in the moment, you will have the key to sexual satisfaction. It’s not …

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express for choice

Express Your Voice, Create Choice

By moniquegomez | June 24, 2020

Do you find it difficult to express what you really want? Do you ever feel like your voice is suppressed and your choices become limited because you didn’t follow your desires? When you express your truth, you immediately create a world of possibilities. Your voice is your greatest tool. Your voice is directly related to …

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sexual shame

How to Move Out of Sexual Shame

By moniquegomez | June 10, 2020

Sexual shame is a real thing that most of us deal with at some point. Shame is sneaky as it can color our perception of ourselves. Shame is different than guilt.  In shame YOU ARE BAD, in guilt, YOU DID A BAD THING.  Shame is more harmful than guilt because it makes you as a …

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taoist sexual arts

How using ancient teachings can Up Level your Sexual Energy

By moniquegomez | June 3, 2020

How can ancient sexual teachings help you cultivate your sexual energy?  The principles of Tao follow the natural cycles of nature herself. According to Chinese philosophy, Tao is the origin of all things in the Universe. By following the energy and the natural flow of things, you can tune your body into the flow itself.  …

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erogenous zones

12 Hot Erogenous Zones to Ignite Erotic Desire

By moniquegomez | May 13, 2020

Every single body is very different and unique in how it feels arousal.  But there are certain areas that are more likely to spark erotic willingness.  Below are 12 erogenous zones that I know will ignite erotic desire. Touch is a powerful tool to get in the mood of erotic play. In fact, touch is …

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spice up your sex life, sex, sex play

9 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

By moniquegomez | April 29, 2020

There are many ways to fall into a sexual rut. Especially in times of uncertainty, extra stress and more anxiety. You want to have sex but turn on default mode. Basically you become boring and that becomes heavy. It’s important to spice up your sex life to keep your creative juices, and all other juices, …

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Your Brain on Orgasm

By moniquegomez | April 22, 2020

Have you ever wondered why you feel so damn good after you orgasm? Well let me say it’s not an accidental occurrence, but rather a part of our beautiful brain chemistry.  Your brain on orgasm is a healthy alternative to any other drug around for a pleasure boost. As you know, sex or self-pleasure time, …

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inner magician, sex magic, sexuality, spirituality, evolution, self help

Empower Your Inner Magician Part 2

By moniquegomez | April 15, 2020

Last week we talked about 4 qualities that are vital to develop as you get Empower Your Inner Magician for transformation.  Today I want to give you 5 more qualities that you can work with to EMPOWER YOU as you consciously decide to AWAKEN.  When we have extra space in life, meaning extra time, it …

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TEDx ABQ Women 2019

I was honored to be selected as one of eight women who spoke at the 2019 TEDx ABQ Women's event. The Power Of The Pause was a call to everyone to slow down, take a moment and connect to their intuition. Check out the talk now.