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Hi, I'm Monique, educator & coach, intimacy advocate, embodiment guide and TEDx speaker. My work is to support women in weaving soul, body, and sexual energy so you can step into your authenticity and power.

You are a sacred being who deserves to feel confident, embodied and clear so you move into a LIFE YOU LOVE.

Sometimes you need a different perspective to help you move in the direction of your deepest desires with yourself and others.  Let me guide you as you explore your capacity of intuition, embodiment, sexual expression and intimacy.

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Discover your wild sensuality through the divine feminine.  It's time to bring the divine feminine back as the guide of true awakening.

In this four week program, you'll:

  • Empower your sensuality
  • Rediscover your pleasure
  • Getting intimate with your yoni
  • Conjuring the magic of your orgasm

You are doing women's work. Reclaim your sexy on your own terms.


BIG changes requires BIG action. Body Awakening Program is a full on embodiment training.  One-on-one coaching gives you focused time dedicated to your evolution.

  • Feel confident in your skin
  • Accept your body
  • Explore sensual movement
  • Develop your pleasure capacity
Each session is done through video or phone, whichever is more comfortable for you.

Learn how to weave your SOUL, BODY, & SEXUAL ENERGY

orchid representing pussy

How To Build A Relationship With Your Pussy

By moniquegomez | March 29, 2019

Women hold the power of life, the ultimate creative energy. We hold the mystery of the unknown between our thighs.  Whatever you call your vagina, yoni or pussy, it is the relationship with her that must be cultivated. Therefore, knowing how to build a relationship with your pussy is key to unlock your sexual center …

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how to create safe space

How to Create Safe Space for Evolution

By moniquegomez | March 28, 2019

Where do you feel safe? I mean really safe, like you can be 100% yourself.  No judgments or expectations. No “shoulds” or “have tos”.  The place that feels free, alive and creative. The place where your primal flight or fight response is gone, not a threat in sight.  Where is this place for you?  Have …

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mindful practice technique

Mindful Practice for Mindful Choices

By moniquegomez | March 28, 2019

I am sure you have heard the term “Mindful” at someone point. Usually it is related to a New Age thought and used as a cure all to relax and live stress free, which sounds amazing right? Creating a mindful practice is a powerful tool to make mindful choices. It would be fantastic to say …

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TEDx ABQ Women 2019

I was honored to be selected as one of eight women who spoke at the 2019 TEDx ABQ Women's event. The Power Of The Pause was a call to everyone to slow down, take a moment and connect to their intuition. Check out the talk now.