Self Touch Healing

A self-paced online course to get you connected to your body in a whole new way.

Turn Toward Your Body to Guide Your Healing Journey

Are you Ready to Reclaim, Connect, and Feel Empowered in Your Body?

The Powerful Three

Are you Ready to Reclaim, Connect, and Feel Empowered in Your Body?



Why is touch so important? We'll dive into some touch research, human development, and the current state of the world.



You will be guided through self-touch practices that cover the entire physical body.  Each practice has an audio guided meditation so you can close your eyes and focus.



After each practice, you can relax and reflect.  Grab your favorite journal and answer the Inner Reflection questions related to each body part.

Turn Toward Your Body

Learn about your body in a new whole way. With your own touch, you will discover pleasure, compassion, and healing for your body.  Allow your healing hands bring attention to your physical body.


Your Transformation

Go from body disconnection to whole body connection.

Go from living from the neck up to dropping into the body

Go from scattered and overwhelmed to grounded.

Go from unawareness to body awareness.

Above all, you will learn how to touch yourself with loving intention.

Self-Touch Healing IS for you if...

  • You feel disconnected from your body

  • You're a soul-centered yoni owner

  • You're a stranger in your own skin

  • You feel scattered, lost in your thoughts, worried, or stressed out

  • You feel dislike, discomfort, or hate toward your body

  • You want to explore touch in a nurturing way

  • You want to build a new relationship with your body

  • You want to increase your pleasure capacity

Self-Touch Healing is NOT for you if...

  • You are wanting masturbation techniques

  • You aren't curious about building a relationship with your body

  • You don't have a yoni

Ready to be guided?

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What You Get

  • 4 Lessons

    Learn about touch, sensuality and sexuality, the no touch epidemic, and boundaries regarding touch.

  • Hand Awareness

    Before you begin your self touch practices, honor your hands with a meditation and mantra.

  • 11 Self-Touch Practices

    Dive deep into each area of your body.

  • 11 Guided Audio Self-Touch Practices

    Allow yourself to close your eyes and be guided through each practice with audio guided meditations.

Your Investment



Your Self-Touch Journey

Self-Touch Healing will guide you as you connect to your sacred body.

When you know how to touch your own body with a nurturing awareness, you expand your capacity for all your senses to openreceive, and be explored.

Learning to touch your beautiful, unique body, gives you awareness of your pleasures, boundaries, and safety.

Learning to love your body through touch empowers the physical experience. You begin to connect with all your senses, and the result is an enhanced sensual connection.