Sexy or Spiritual? Which are You?

So I don’t know about you but I have struggled with the duality of being a sexy or spiritual woman (I’m sure this effects men too!). Earlier this week, I came across this sentence…

“We can only have the pleasures of the body if we sacrifice the rewards of the spirit.”

It seems like the belief of “if you are spiritual, there is less human pleasure that needs to be experienced because you are above it” is rooted in the human subconscious.   

It got me thinking…how have I been participating in this in belief?

It brought me to the virgin/whore polarity that women (myself included) go through.

As I have grown into the woman I am today, I can reflect on the many ebbs and flows I have experienced in life where I was one or the other. I would go from the good girl (virgin) to the bad girl (whore) then back again. 

The cycle continues until you wake up to see it is all a false belief!

You do not have to choose sexy or spiritual…the balance and acceptance of both aspects leads to authenticity.

Sex is a spiritual act. 

During sex, we have the potential to drop all ego and be completely in the moment. 

Isn’t that what all spiritual teachings are about? 

Great masters teach how to get out of your mind and into the Now.  Sex can be the greatest practice of dropping into the moment.

A divide has been created in our culture regarding sex and spirituality.  Many religions teach that the body is bad, sinful, distracting or not needed to be spiritually connected.

Bringing in the divine feminine is bringing in the love and full expression of the sensual body. 

You are a soul having a human experience. Part of that human experience is being in your exquisite sensual body. 

The recognition of your sensual self is the most spiritual act one can have. 

So this week I invite you to hold space for these questions:

  • What beliefs do you hold about your body, sex and spirit? 
  • Do you allow these to be harmonious or are there feelings of shame, guilt, or disconnect?

When you get curious about your beliefs around sex, body and the relationship to both, you have the potential to evolve into a more authentic you.

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