Sacred Altar

Six Steps to Create Your Sacred Altar

As you grow into your meditation practice, you can use tools to help you stay focused on your spiritual evolution. Creating a Sacred Altar is a powerful way to connect yourself to your spiritual practice.  Below are Six Steps to Create Your Sacred Altar.

Altars literally altar space.  Bringing your intentions to an altar grows that intention and the energy of the altar begins to attract to it. 

What is an altar?

An altar is a space that is dedicated to a specific intention.  It is a physical representation of the internal mysteries of you.  It’s a symbol of your heart and your divine connection.

Altars are creative expressions.  They are creative acts that are unique to you. They recognize your internal spirit and honor your unique being and intention.

They can be built anywhere you clear space for one. For example, you can create an altar on the corner of your fireplace, a corner of your desk, or in your car.  The place can be temporary like a altar in your backyard for the full moon that you set up and take down during the cycle, or a permanent spot, like your bedroom. 

Why create an altar?

An altar is a tool.  Like any tool, you use it to assist in developing, in this case, its your spiritual body. You are building a sacred space so you can build your spiritual practice.   

Six Steps to Create Your Sacred Altar:

  • Choose an Intention
    • Daily Meditation Altar
  • Clear a Space
    • A nightstand in your bedroom
  • Collect Sacred Objects
    • A piece of rose quartz
  • Evoke Your Senses
    • Light a candle
  • Sit in Stillness
    • Have a pillow or yoga block at your altar so you can sit comfortably
  • Allow Change
    • Your altar will change as you do

Creating altars are a beautiful way to connect to your spiritual practice.  Setting up a safe space designated for meditation invites your time and attention to that practice. 

Start building your altar today!

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