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The Power of Self Love

Typically, V-day is a day to show your loved one how much you love them. However, this year, instead of focusing on another, I want to encourage you to treat it as a day for your self.  Take the day to harness your sexual energy into self love.

Self love means connecting with your body intimately and sensually.

It is a beautiful way to build a relationship with your body. A great tool to use your senses to get closer to your body, to get closer to yourself.

If the idea of self love is a little taboo for you or you aren’t sure where to start, I suggest focusing on connecting with your sensuality.

Ways to tap into your Sensuality

  • Feel your skin
  • Touch your hair
  • Lick your lips
  • Seeing your smile in the mirror
  • Smelling your natural scent

I encourage you to touch yourself. Touch your skin, your breasts, and your yoni.  Give yourself permission to touch the parts of your body that are often left for a lover.  Become your own lover.  Become the lover to yourself that you have always dreamed of having.

Connection with another can be incredibly satisfying and very important to your development, but as a culture, we tend to skip over the learning how to love and please ourselves without shame or guilt. 

We are not given time or safe space for these natural explorations to occur.  Often, we are taught that touching ourselves is a bad thing and only to be done in private, if at all, and definitely not talked about.

We are not given permission to be intimate with our most pleasurable areas unless we are with someone else.  This gives the power to the other and not to ourselves.

Self love brings the power back to the truth of you.

I say this Valentines Day, take some time for you and your pleasure.  Give yourself the gift of slowing down to explore what feels good in your body.  You can do this by simply touching your skin, massaging areas of your body or masturbating. Focus on sensual touch.

Touch Yourself…

Place your hands on your belly, your breasts, your yoni and send all your love and compassion to the area. 

Listen and notice what happens when you do this. 

What sensations occur when you have all your attention on this area?

What feels pleasurable? 

Explore your body through touch. If you feel like you want more instructions, I’ve got you covered.  Check out my Offerings for an e- book that provides information, journal prompts and step by step guidance for touching all areas of your body.

Your body is a gift. 

Learning how to love her can cultivate a relationship that will change your life.

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