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Yoni Massage Step-by-Step

The yoni is the Sanskrit word for vulva, the female genitals, and means “a sacred space”.  This is the place of our root chakra where we are rooted into the earth. It is are source for creative and sexual energy, which are one of the same.  Practicing yoni massage is vital to connecting to your sexual power.

The yoni can also be a place of trauma, abuse and neglect so as you begin a yoni massage practice, be gentle and patience with yourself. If you have hesitation touching yourself, remember, you are safe and have every right to know your body, especially your sexual center. 

You will explore your yoni with awareness, love and kindness. Yoni massage is powerful medicine and can be done alone or with a partner.  I recommend exploring on your own first.

Begin with sacred space

Your environment is important. Tune into your five senses by asking yourself…

  • How does the lighting feel?
  • What smells are around me? 
  • Are the sounds around you pleasing?
  • Is there a taste in your mouth?
  • What fabric is your skin feeling?

Be comfortable

Begin laying down in a comfortable supported position. Feel the safety you have created for yourself.  It is only you and your body in this moment. Open your legs to a comfortable position to where your hips and pelvis are relaxed.  You can use organic coconut oil as you explore your yoni.

Find your breath

Bring your attention to your inhale.  Notice how it naturally moves through your body.  Allow yourself to receive without a force or pulling in.  Invite the inhale into your lower abdomen.  Bring your attention to your womb space then move the breath to the pelvic bowl, the deep holder of energy and life.  Follow your breath and allow it to move freely but with intention.

Place your hands on your lower belly

Gently place your hands on your lower belly below your belly button. Often our bellies are neglected to touch.  We have a tendency to hold them in, to keep them ridged and hard.  Allow your hands to warm this space and let the belly go.  Let the belly relax.

Move up to your breasts

Gently massage your breasts in circular motions without touching the nipples.  Use circular motions to massage the breast tissue and the sides of your breasts.  Once you notice your body starting to respond, you can touch your nipples for added play and pleasure.

Move your hands to your yoni

Place your hands, left over right, on your yoni. Feel the bone structure that creates this region.  Feel how the bones have shaped this base.

Using your fingertips, slowly begin massaging the crease where your thighs connect to the pelvis.  Move up and down in the crease. Allow your fingers to touch the outer lips of the vulva.  Gently massage the outer aspects of the yoni.  Vary the pressure you use and the direction of movements. Notice places of tenderness, numbness, pleasure or pain. 

Move along the outer and inner labia on both sides of your yoni.  Feel everything that is coming up for you.  Allow your fingers to explore the opening of the vagina.  Use circular motions as you move around.  You are sending energy, blood and love with this motion. 

Clitoris exploration

Continue to explore the entire yoni including your clitoris.  This can be a very pleasurable act so stay open and loving to what comes up for you.

  • Begin with a circling motion of the clit.  Vary the pressure and pace of the circling.
  • Tap the clitoris.  Use your fingertips to gently tap the clit.
  • Pull and roll the clit with your fingers. 

Remember the point of the yoni massage is to explore and heal.  Keep the intention of exploration and not to have an orgasm. 


To enhance the yoni massage, you can practice edging.  Edging is the practice of coming close to orgasm, the edge of orgasm, and stopping the stimulation, focusing on your breath and re-grounding your energy.  It is a practice that creates more control of the pleasure and a deeper exploration of orgasm energy levels.

Finish with love

End with a gentle hold of the top of your yoni.  Send waves of gratitude.  Remember the relationship to your yoni is one of the most important relationships you can build.

The space between your thighs is sacred. You are capable of much pleasure and healing through your yoni. Treat yourself kindly as you begin exploring through touch.

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