Awaken your Intimate SELF

Intimacy & Embodiment Coaching



Begins January 6, 2020

Commit to your BODY in 2020!

It's Time For You To Feel Confident, Attractive and Glow From The Inside Out

Your Intimate Nature is Intuitive, Raw & Unconditionally Loving


Hi, I'm Monique. My work is to support you in clarifying your relationship with your intimate self so you can live in deep satisfaction with your sexuality, relationships, body, mind, spirit, and heart.

You are a sacred being who deserves to feel confident, sexy and clear to move into a LIFE YOU LOVE. 

Sometimes you need a different perspective to help you move in the direction of your deepest dreams.  Let me guide you as you explore your most intimate aspects of yourself.

An Intuitive Lifestyle is an Intimate Lifestyle.

Intimacy begins from your inner knowing, your Intuition. 

You have all the power you need inside your self for ultimate self love, awakened sexual pleasure, connection to source & manifesting the life you desire.  

It's Time to Awaken Your Power

Intimacy Coaching

Sex & Relationships

One-on-One Coaching Sessions for Individuals or Couples wanting to explore their erotic aspects for a deeply satisfying connection.

You deserve to feel confident, sexy and alive in your body without apology!

Solo Love Learnings

  • How to deeply listen to your desires.
  • What brings you pleasure.
  • How to know what you want so you can ask without shame or guilt.
  • Explore your body, your sexual anatomy, and how to live in pleasure.

Partner Love Learnings

  • How to communicate effectively for win-win situations.
  • Identifying what turns each person on for ultimate pleasure.
  • Working through "stuck points" that have kept distance between you and your partner.
  • Sparking the passion and desire for each other.

Are you ready to take the next step?

When you have a deeper sense of clarity, you make choices with presence which ultimately improves your life and over all well being.

Monique has such a beautiful and caring soul. My session with her was so informative and eye-opening. I was a little nervous at the beginning but that vanished as soon as we started talking. She has a way of guiding the conversation where you don’t realize that you are in a session but just talking to a good friend. In this way, I felt completely comfortable talking with her about anything that crossed my mind. She is definitely very passionate about her teachings and it gives you a sense that she is genuinely there to help you on your individual journey. After our session, I felt that a huge weight had lifted off my shoulders and I had a new sense of clarity that I had not had in such a long time.

I would definitely recommend Monique’s session!!! You will gain so much perspective about yourself and about the choices that you make. Monique, I can’t express how grateful I am to have met you and for all that you have taught me. I am sure that you will continue to impact the lives of others just like you have done with me. Thank you again!!!

Cindy Miami testimonial

Cindy, 25, Miami, FL

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