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Loving ALL of yourself is the most RADICAL act.

I teach how to evolve and heal through empowering sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality.

You are meant to live a life that feels true to YOU.

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Knowledge is freedom. When you have more information you have more choice. Get new perspectives on a shame free sex ed.


You are worth your time and attention. Individual and couple's coaching offered to help you move through stuck points to a more authentic you.


Grab one of the e-books I wrote to learn ways to get into your body and sensuality.

I did a TED Talk...

I was honored to be selected as one of eight women who spoke at the TEDx ABQ Women's event. The Power Of The Pause was a call to everyone to slow down, take a moment and connect to their intuition. 

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Sensuality School

Signature Sex-Ed program for yoni-bodied beings wanting to dive into their authentic sexual power. This is an 8-week online course and community dedicated to exploring and embodying sensuality with consciousness for a more satisfying relationship with sex.

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Move through anxiety, depression, disorderly eating, body-image issues, and sexual health related concerns. These individual sessions get you connected to the intuitive wisdom of your body for sacred transformation.

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It's wonderful to meet you!

I'm a sensuality educator and embodiment guide. My work is to support you in weaving your sensuality, embodiment, and intuitive gifts so you can step into your true power.

You are a sacred being who deserves to feel confident, connected, and clear in who you are so you LIVE A LIFE FROM LOVE.

Sometimes you need a different perspective to help you move in the direction of your deepest desires with yourself and others.

Let me guide you as you explore your capacity for sensuality, intuition, embodiment, and sexual expression.

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What People Are Saying

Monique is a grounded, compassionate person who always makes me feel safe and supported in any context in which I've known her. As an embodiment coach, she is sensitive, caring, and deeply knowledgeable. She's a great listener, and she has helped me in specific, personalized ways that increase my quality of life. I'm grateful she's in my life and I recommend her without reservation.


I felt completely safe and held during my reading with Monique. Her way with imagery gave me a new way to see my inner world and provided me with grounded images to go back to that felt supportive. Monique's intuitive reading is unlike any other reading I have had. During the session with Monique, I was guided to heal core emotional issues that I had not yet been able to put a name to on my own. My session with her encouraged huge forward movement in my life and gave me tools to integrate on a daily basis to keep the healing and magic of the session flowing long after it ended.


Monique’s sacred healing class was such an amazing experience. We dove into topics of sexuality and body image and she was able to hold an open compassionate space for all of us to share. We all connected on a different level that day. Thank you for the wonderful workshop you have created and your blog posts!


Real, Aware, & Wild

Education & Insights on Sensuality, Embodiment, Intuition & Conscious Sexuality

What is Sex Magic?

By moniquegomez | October 31, 2023

One of the first books I got when I started diving into sexuality was called “The Art of Sexual Ecstasy” by Margo Anand.  She was one of the first to write about Tantra from a Westerners perspective and it was the first time I ever heard the term SEX MAGIC. Being that it’s Halloween, I […]

Are you a sexual perfectionist?

By moniquegomez | October 24, 2023

Do you have a scenario in your head of what you want sex to be and when those things don’t happen, you get discouraged, irritated and might throw your hands in the air saying “what’s the point?” You might be experiencing a little thing called perfectionism that can actually be a huge cause of anxiety […]

Mindful Sex

By moniquegomez | October 17, 2023

How do you show up for sex? Are you present, feeling curiously playful, and noticing what’s going on in your body? Or are you feeling rushed, thinking of the next thing you need to do, and waiting for it to end? One is more likely to lead to moans of pleasure and one will not. […]

Touch Yourself…but not in the way you might be thinking

By moniquegomez | October 10, 2023

It happens like this…your partner comes home, walks up behind you and wraps their arms around your waist. You immediately tense up, you hold your breath, and the thought storm begins… “Why are they touching my stomach?!” “Fuck…they’re gonna feel all my fat” “I wish my body wasn’t so gross” Your body recoils and you […]

Is your anxiety impacting your sex life?

By moniquegomez | October 3, 2023

Does your mind seem to get extra busy when you’re trying to get busy? Do you feel like you can’t seem to quiet your thoughts the second you start getting into sexy time? The overwhelm of thoughts begin then you get nervous that you can’t stop thinking which leads to the thoughts being out of […]

Keys To Tantric Practices

By moniquegomez | November 5, 2021

Tantra is much more than sex. As you know, I’m a big cheerleader for all things related to exploring sensuality, eroticism, and pleasure. One of the ways I’ve been able to experience this within myself has been through studying tantric practices. The thing I love about Tantra is the focus on self-love. You must know […]

Awakening out of the Binary

By moniquegomez | October 1, 2021

We live in a world where we like to put things in categories. We like to say yes or no. We like to know things in black or white. We use the word “or” often, which generally creates a sense of limitation between two things. That is a binary world. This or that/ Yes or […]

How to Heal Your Relationships for Satisfying Connections

By moniquegomez | July 28, 2021

Your past experiences create a story that is uniquely yours. The people in your life and the relationships you’ve had all contribute to who you are today and the lens with which you view the world. These experiences could have given you more confidence, taught you about trust, and allowed you to feel what love […]

3 Simple Breath Practices for Instant Embodiment

By moniquegomez | July 6, 2021

Your breath is the key to embodiment or being in-body. There is no other perfect symbol for life than breath.  Life is the gift we have between birth and death so it’s important to bring attention to it. We take our breath for granted because we never have to think about doing it, luckily it […]

Release Judgments Around Your Sensuality

By moniquegomez | June 23, 2021

We’ve all been there. The moment we experience something different that feels uncomfortable and BOOM!…judgment.  Judgment is a natural human response. They come from beliefs that have been taught to us since we were babies. When we begin to learn from our surroundings, our little brains are like sponges and soak up all that is […]

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