Hi, I'm Monique

A little about my journey...

I grew up quite aware of the world beyond what could be seen on this physical plane.  It was a struggle to be a sensitive being in a world that didn't understand me.  I was also very aware of my sexuality, which was tough when I was supposed to be the good Catholic girl.  I coped by drinking which led to addiction and deep depression.  Ten years ago I was struggling with alcohol addiction, depression, sexual identity, religious guilt and eating disorders.

After a near death experience 8 years ago, I began the deep work of transformation. I knew in my heart there was more of me to explore and share. So, I stopped drinking, began regular counseling  and committed to a spiritual practice. It was the beginning of a true relationship with myself.

I have walked through the fire and came out the other side to live a life that is more in line with my authentic self.

I have traveled the world, studied tantra, sacred sexuality, meditation, and intuitive healing. Over a decade ago, I began my practice as an intuitive body worker, sacred sexuality student and movement teacher.

I believe...

I believe everyone is a creative, soulful being who has a deep emotional world that can be explored to reach new realities of Self.

I believe in support systems, the people who are authentic and want to show up in a real, present way.

How I live my life now...

  • Continually diving deep into the realms of my Self
  • Sharing my time with people who desire authenticity
  • Allow my heart to lead
  • Stay curious like a 2 year old
  • Willingness for constant evolution
  • Exploring loving relationships with women and men in clear sexual identity
  • Evolving my spiritual and intuitive practice
  • Teaching yoga & movement
  • Painting & sketching...always have a pen and journal
  • Dancing as often as possible

With a deep bow...

I look forward to working with you.



Most images on this site are drawn by yours truly.  Like I said, I always have a pen and paper.

My Studies

Intuitive/Telepathic Practitioner

Licensed Massage Therapist

Community Health Educator, B.A.

Shamanic Counselor

Star Knowledge Astrologer

Healing and Intuitive Presence Advanced Practitioner

Tantra Sexual Healing Coach

Yoga Instructor

Mindful Meditation Facilitator

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