I grew up aware of the world beyond...

what could be seen on this physical plane.  It was a struggle to be a sensitive being in a world that didn't understand me.

I was also very aware of my sexuality, which was tough when I was supposed to be the "good Catholic girl".

I learned how to ease the pain with alcohol, which led to addiction and deep depression.

Ten years ago I was struggling with alcohol addiction, depression, sexual identity, religious guilt, and eating disorders.

After a near-death experience in 2011, I began the deep work of transformation. I knew in my heart there was more of me to explore and share. So, I stopped drinking, began regular counseling, and committed to a spiritual practice that included tantra, weaving my sexual and spiritual energy, and using my body as a healing tool.

It was the beginning of a true relationship with myself.

I walked through the fire and came out the other side to live a life that is more in line with my authentic self.

I've traveled the world and studied somatic counseling, sacred sexuality, meditation, and intuitive channeling to find these are the aspects of self-love.

I believe...

You are a creative, soulful being who has a deep emotional world that can be explored to reach new realities of Self.

Sexual energy is life force energy, which is the ultimate creative force and can be used for great transformation and manifestation.

You deserve a healthy relationship with your body.

In support systems, the people who are authentic and want to show up in a real, present way.

How I live my life now...

  • Continually diving deep into the realms of my Self
  • Sharing my time with people who desire authenticity
  • Allow my heart to lead
  • Stay curious like a 2 year old
  • Willingness for constant evolution
  • Exploring loving relationships
  • Evolving my spiritual and intuitive practice
  • Teaching yoga & movement
  • Painting & sketching...always have a pen and journal
  • Dancing as often as possible

With a deep bow...

I look forward to working with you.



My Studies

Intuitive/Telepathic Training

Shamanic Arts Practitioner

MA in Counseling Student

Licensed Massage Therapist

Community Health Educator, B.A.

Healing and Intuitive Presence Advanced Practitioner

Tantra Sexual Healing 

Yoga Instructor

Mindful Meditation Facilitator

I support all faiths, cultures, and lifestyles. I am part of and affirming to the LGBTQ+ community and all those who are curious. Poly and kink friendly.