Coaching with Monique

You are much more than meets the eye.

Coaching is a way you can make big changes in how you feel, what you do, and help create satisfying relationships.

Let's work together to uncover your hidden gems that will guide you to the most authentic version of you.

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Empower Your Truth

Acceptance & Celebration of YOU

Coaching moves you out of confusion, disconnection, insecurities, and fear to deep understanding and acceptance of your body, connection to your sexual power, and confidence.

Coaching focuses on where you are and where you want to go. You give yourself time and attention to explore yourself.


Once you have an awareness of what holds you back from being your most authentic self, you have the choice of a new direction.

Coaching helps you understand and move out of insecurities about your purpose, body, and sexuality to keep you from your WHOLENESS.

These areas cause many problems yet we don’t give them the attention they need.  Especially sex.

Most people assume sex is a natural act so we just know how to do it, yet sex is one of the most misunderstood topics and underestimated opportunity for healing.

Big changes take big actions.  Coaching gives you the actions you need to take to make the changes you want. If you feel disconnected from your body, frustrated with your sex life, or wanting to feel alive in your soul, coaching with Monique is for you.

Coaching Circles


Shame, frustration, guilt or disappointment about your sexual desires

Body hate or shame

Complicated relationship with pleasure and sexual expression

Disconnected from your needs, wants, and desires

Feel like something is "wrong" or missing in your intimate life

Fear you are broken, undesirable, or abnormal

Lack of confidence

A desire for more depth and permission to express authenticity

Healing sexual wounds, stories of love, and self-worth

Desire to find your truth about intimacy, sexuality, and embodiment

  • One-on-One Session

    60 minute ZOOM video session

  • Soulwork

    Practices or tools specifically designed for you.

  • Special Access

    Monique will be available via email between coaching session. 

I work with people of all genders, sexuality, LGTBQIA+, poly, and kink friendly.

Please email me at info@moniquegomez.com if you have specific questions.

You can have the life you desire through embodiment, intuition, and sexual energy empowerment.

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One Session Payment

Gain confidence

Intuitively guided

Explore inner realm

Release shame

Learn skills to move out of depression or disconnection

Feel at home in your body

Learn self-love tools you can do anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Coaching vs Therapy?

    Coaching and therapy are not the same although they have some similarities. 

    Therapy tends to examine where you are now by looking at your past and unwinding long held stories and wounds.  It is great for times of crisis.

    Coaching focuses on the present and future goals.  It helps understand current ways of thinking and gives tools to build the future desires.

    Coaching is for those ready to self-reflect and be honest about where you are right now, where you want to go, and tools to get there.  

    There is no diagnosis or identifying label in coaching. Monique is a health educator and coach, not a licensed therapist.

  • We did the discovery call, we are a great match, now what?

    Step 1: Purchase a single session.

    Step 2: Monique will email you session intake, coaching agreement, and schedule options within 24 hours of purchase.

    Step 3: Dive into the session!

  • What happens in a session?

    We will first create a container of safe space meaning we both show up with respect to the process.  We will start where you are in each session and I will ask open-ended, nonjudgmental questions to help you examine your issues, questions, patterns from a new perspective. 

    You hold the wisdom of your truth and I am a guide to help you find it.  

    Usually, there is homework or SOULWORK after each session to be done between sessions. These can be things like journal prompts, self-touch exploration, readings, research, experiments, outings, date nights, and much more. 

  • Where do we have sessions?

    All coaching sessions are done online via ZOOM.  

    If there is a need to meet in person, it is discussed on an individual basis. 

Working with Monique

"Monique is a grounded, compassionate person who always makes me feel safe and supported in any context in which I've known her. As an embodiment coach, she is sensitive, caring, and deeply knowledgeable. She's a great listener, and she has helped me in specific, personalized ways that increase my quality of life. I'm grateful she's in my life and I recommend her without reservation." -Shaula

"Monique has such a beautiful and caring soul. My session with her was so informative and eye- opening. I was a little nervous at the beginning but that vanished as soon as we started talking. She has a way of guiding the conversation where you don’t realize that you are in a session but just talking to a good friend. In this way, I felt completely comfortable talking with her about anything that crossed my mind. She is definitely very passionate about her teachings and it gives you a sense that she is genuinely there to help you on your individual journey. After our session, I felt that a huge weight had lifted off my shoulders and I had a new sense of clarity that I had not had in such a long time. I would definitely recommend Monique’s session! You will gain so much perspective about yourself and about the choices that you make. Monique, I can’t express how grateful I am to have met you and for all that you have taught me. I am sure that you will continue to impact the lives of others just like you have done with me. Thank you again! - Cindy

"Monique’s sacred healing class was such an amazing experience. We dove into topics of sexuality and body image and she was able to hold an open compassionate space for all of us to share. We all connected on a different level that day. Thank you for your wonderful workshop you have created and your blog posts on a weekly basis!"-Michelle