Sex Ed with a Sensual Twist


Discover your authentic sensuality and embrace erotic confidence.

It's time for you to own your sensual feminine power.

You know it's time for you to love your body, express your sensuality and enjoy your sexual world.

That's why you're here.

You're ready for an authentic erotic connection to yourself so you can unleash the SENSUAL CREATRIX that you are.

Sensuality School will breakthrough stuck points and evoke your erotic.

Together we will celebrate your uniqueness,   transform your relationship with your sexuality, and express yourself with confidence.

It's time to get real and vulnerable so you can discover the POWER of WOMAN waiting to be UNLEASHED.

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A woman embodied is a woman in her truth.

That woman is POWER.


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Confidence in your body equals confidence in the erotic

Feeling confident in the erotic realm is not easy. It takes times and attention.

By joining Sensuality School you are committing time and attention to YOUR BODY which will change your relationship with sex. 

Sensuality School is for you if you...

-Want to feel more confident in your body

-Want to ignite passion and love for yourself

-Are ready to let go of old beliefs about your body and sex

-Desire more pleasure and play in life

-Want tools to let go of shame and guilt so you can discover your authentic sensual expression

-Want to love yourself from the inside out in a whole new way

...It's not for you if you...

-Want to fear your body and sexual nature

-Believe that sex is wrong/dirty/shameful and don't want to change your beliefs

-Don't want a more connected relationship with your body and sexual experiences

-Believe women's sexuality needs to stay in the shadows

-Want to continue feeling insecure and disconnected about your body

Sensuality School Studies

Feel your way to your authentic sensual expression.

Week 1: Ground

Define sensuality for you. Learn the foundations of embodiment, presence, and the difference between sensuality and sexuality so you can ignite confidence.

Week 2: Embody

Dive into your body like never before. Learn the entire anatomy of vulva and cock bodied people. We’ll cover the physical to the energetic while discovering what brings each body pleasure.

Week 3: Shadows

Pleasure is your birthright yet the shadow of shame, guilt, trauma, and grief become blocks to true acceptance. Learn ways to own your erotic pleasure, awaken to your capacity for pleasure, and release shadows.

Week 4: Sacred

Bridge the sacred with the sensual. Learn aspects of sensuality through exploring archetypes of the divine feminine and how to use them to empower your uniqueness. 

Week 5: Explore

Eroticism has unlimited configurations and this week is about understanding what makes your erotic world blossom. Explore primal, sensual, energetic, fantasy, and taboo aspects.

Week 6: Express

Learn specific ways to communicate your sensual needs and desires to your partner or future partners. Expand your capacity to express yourself, plus, dip your toe in sexy talk that works for you.

Week 7: Orgasm

Move into the world of orgasm on your own terms. Learn about how to reach the big O in ways that are authentic to you. Learn about the science of orgasm and how to experience different types.

Week 8: Transcend

The last week will leave you with a new embodiment of your sensual truth. Uncover ways your sensuality, sex, and spirit are linked and how to transform sexual energy to use in your everyday life. Creativity and ritual come together for a unique gift.

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Embody Your Sensuality & Sexuality

When you’re embodied, you break out of the cultural expectations of sexy.

You get to define sexy, erotic, and pleasure on your own terms for you and nobody else.

You deserve to feel confident and comfortable in your body.

Reclaim sexy circle

A new sex education for women.

You get to let go of what you’ve been told is sexy and discover it for yourself.

You no longer participate in what others demand of your erotic expression and you own what feels true to you.

This is true freedom.

When you live in your body with real understanding and awaken the authentic erotic, you break the cords of patriarchy holding you down.

You become a woman in her FULLEST expression.

Sensuality School Goodies

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    8 Live Gatherings

    We will meet LIVE on ZOOM Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 pm CST. Each gathering will dive into the rich info specific to that week's aspect of sensuality. This is time for sharing with other women on an awakening journey. 

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    Recorded Lessons

    You will receive a weekly lesson every Monday to watch before the live gathering.  Each lesson will be dedicated to deepen your understanding of the theme that week.

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    The juiciness continues throughout the week with specific homeplay exercises.  These will be for you to explore outside of class and bring sharings into live class.

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    Sensual Guidebooks

    After each class, you will receive a guidebook specific to that topic. This guidebook is full of practices, inner reflection questions, and notes from that week's lesson. These guidebooks are yours to keep in your sensuality toolbox.

At The End of the Journey...

After these eight weeks together, you will have a brand new self-love toolbox unique to your erotic wellness.


A special gift from me that will be mailed to you at the end of the program.

Sensual Embodiment Flyer (4.25 × 5.5 in)


pleasure in your body

Tantra 101

Uncover the mysteries of Tantra and learn the key principles of the sacred teachings.

Value $187



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What People Are Saying

"Monique is a grounded, compassionate person who always makes me feel safe and supported in any context in which I've known her. As an embodiment coach, she is sensitive, caring, and deeply knowledgeable. She's a great listener, and she has helped me in specific, personalized ways that increase my quality of life. I'm grateful she's in my life and I recommend her without reservation." -Shaula

"Monique has such a beautiful and caring soul. My session with her was so informative and eye- opening. I was a little nervous at the beginning but that vanished as soon as we started talking. She has a way of guiding the conversation where you don’t realize that you are in a session but just talking to a good friend. In this way, I felt completely comfortable talking with her about anything that crossed my mind. She is definitely very passionate about her teachings and it gives you a sense that she is genuinely there to help you on your individual journey. After our session, I felt that a huge weight had lifted off my shoulders and I had a new sense of clarity that I had not had in such a long time. I would definitely recommend Monique’s session! You will gain so much perspective about yourself and about the choices that you make. Monique, I can’t express how grateful I am to have met you and for all that you have taught me. I am sure that you will continue to impact the lives of others just like you have done with me. Thank you again! - Cindy

"Monique’s sacred healing class was such an amazing experience. We dove into topics of sexuality and body image and she was able to hold an open compassionate space for all of us to share. We all connected on a different level that day. Thank you for your wonderful workshop you have created and your blog posts on a weekly basis!"-Michelle

Be A Part Of the Revolution


Sensual exploration is at the base of finding your authenticity. You will not awaken through more thinking, meditating, or seeking.

It's time to play by the rules of the divine feminine. 

This is the call for experiencing through the body. It's time to drop out of the chaos of the mind and into the intuitive knowledge of the body.  

Soul, Body, and Sex come together in this intensive 8-week program.  

Transform your understanding of sensuality and walk into any room with a sense of true confidence. 


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