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Self Love Exploration

Did you know May is the official month of Self Love?

Yes, a whole month celebrating masturbation and your sexual body.  I love that!

As much as it is a celebration, it can also be a great reflection time. 

This topic is hot! 

Often people have some deep rooted feelings and thoughts around masturbation.  

I’m so curious what comes up for you when you hear the word masturbation?

Maybe something like “off limits” or “secretive” or “dirty”?

Or maybe “Yes! it’s me time?” 

Personally, I think masturbation is a clunky word and misses the essence of self-pleasure.

I prefer self-love, sacred connection, self-pleasure or self-play.

It’s a personal, very intimate way to get to know yourself, so the word to describe the act should be soft and inviting. 

Allowing yourself to touch your intimate space with awareness and love is powerful medicine.

An Invitation for Reflection…

  • How do you refer to masturbation?  Any other names?
  • What feelings come up for you around it?  
  • What thoughts come up about self-pleasure?

There are some heavy thought forms around self-pleasure. 

Growing up in this culture, most people have some sort of judgement, shame or guilt about the pleasure they can explore alone.

As women, it is even more taboo or off limits compared to men. Or it is highly sexualized in the porn industry, becoming an act for another to get off on. YIKES!

Makes sense why sexual energy is so out of whack.  We are not taught the beauty of our bodies and the pleasure they hold.

Plus, we miss the fact that we are the ultimate creators of our pleasure.

We should be taught it is safe to touch ourselves and explore so we aren’t waiting for another to do it for us and then we follow their lead.

Here are some ways to explore your intimate space…

  • Get curious about your sensual and sexual desires.
  • Find sacred space to explore yourself through self-pleasure this month.
  • Write about what you discover.

For those journal lovers, here are some prompts…

  • When I touch my yoni, pussy, flower, whatever you call your vulva, I feel…
  • When I bring myself to orgasm, I feel…
  • I notice when engaged in self-love I’m thinking about…
  • I notice I engage the most in self-play when I am…(single, in relationship, doesn’t matter)…Are there judgments around when is appropriate and when is not?

Do you want more self love talk? Check out The Power of Self Love article here.

Have fun exploring!

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