Ways of Tantra

Have you ever wondered what Tantra means? 

This week I thought I would give a little explanation of Tantra being that I’m teaching a workshop called Erotic Emergence Tantric Workshop for Women. (more about this below).

Tantra is simply a practice of connecting spirit and body. 

There are many ways to do this such as mantras, meditation, yoga and ritual.  

Incorporating these aspects to your sexual experiences is what connects tantra to sex. 

Basically, tantra is weaving and expanding energy.  Sexual energy is energy that can be used to weave into areas of life and expand your consciousness.

Tantra is not just about incredible long lasting orgasms, though that is a really pleasurable by product, it is a practice of wholeness.

In tantra practices, you are connecting every aspect of yourself together for increased pleasure and intimacy. 

These aspects of you are the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic.   Each part of you is involved when having sex, whether it’s with yourself or another. 

Tantra is having the awareness that all aspects are involved and using them to heighten the experience and deepens your intimacy. 

It is the idea of wholeness, incorporating the masculine and feminine qualities, and giving your whole body pleasure rather than keeping sexual energy just in the genitals. 


Your sexuality is all about you. You are responsible for your pleasure. Self-love is a practice and awareness from the thoughts and stories you tell yourself to self-touch and masturbation.  Self-love is foundation for Tantric practices.  You cannot fully love another until you love yourself.

Because we have been living in a culture of patriarchy that has degraded sexual expression and perpetuates shame and guilt around pleasure, we have to learn how to release guilt in order to reach higher levels of intimacy.

Allowing yourself to let go of control and play.  Not knowing what is next can be a big fear for some people so finding joy in the unknown brings an excitement to life. 

Your body is meant to feel pleasure. You are a sentient being designed to experience high levels of pleasure.  Pleasure not only in sex but as you move through life. How can you find more pleasure in your daily routine? Maybe its soaking in a tub, trading massage time with your partner.

Learning the practice of mediation is a game changer in your capacity for awareness. When you incorporate meditation in your life, you learn to slow down, come inward and listen to your intuition.  Your intuition is your authentic guiding force so when you develop a relationship with it you show up in life more authentic.

There is no goal when it comes to living a Tantric lifestyle.  The only moment is now so you live moment to moment.  This is especially important to remember in sex.  Orgasm is not the goal. Take pressure off by just enjoying the pleasure of play.

Enjoy these Ways of Tantra.
Remember, sex is prayer & magic. 

Have fun exploring,

PS- 2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year of sharing and teaching. Check it out!


Erotic Emergence Workshop
Friday, January 17 6:00-8:00 pm
Mystic Journey Bookstore
Venice Beach, CA

Erotic Emergence Retreat
March 20-22
Joshua Tree, CA

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