Feel Your Magic

So when I was a kid, I remember sensing energies or beings. I remember feeling magic because I knew these beings existed all around yet no adult seemed to recognize they were there. I wasn’t scared of these beings but I learned very young that it wasn’t normal to talk about them.  Can you still feel your magic?

I feel most people can remember times when they were children and they could sense things or had invisible friends or could see beyond what adults were telling them.

As children we are closer to the truth that we are not alone. 

There are spirits and energies all around us.  Most of the time they are our helpers and guides. Sometimes they are a little different but we will talk about that one later.

Children have a beautiful way of seeing the world because they are often seeing what is beyond this 3D realm. 

Children have not yet been told what is true or false.  They are allowed for their imagination and their innocence be guiding their experiences. 

Then something happens…
we are told to grow out of the play and into the reality. 

This is an unbalanced reality. 

Losing your sense of play, innocence and imagination is detrimental your soul because that is where your soul thrives. 

Your soul is meant to be connected to what is beyond this physical 3D world. 

Your soul is part of the universal creator meaning you are creator and you are connected to the entire web of life. 

This is not small.  THIS IS BIG STUFF!

Being a part of this connected web means you have access to spirit helpers, angels, fairies, basically all the beings that we are told are childish and must stop believing in because you must grow up.

So this week I encourage you to play beyond this 3D realm.  Use your imagination to ignite relationships with spirits, fairies, angels and other helpers that you have long forgotten.  Bring back your magical realm. 

You are magical. Magic still exists and your inner child knows that to be true.

Here are some quick ways to feel your magic again:

  • Touch a tree, close your eyes and listen to what it has to say.
  • Skip outside. I guarantee you will begin to laugh because it is play.
  • Find your favorite fairy tales and read them as if that they are true.

To help support you feeling your magic, check out the intuitive reading sessions.

Have fun exploring!

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