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First Step To Develop Your Intuition

Recently, numerous people have asked me this question…“How do I develop my intuition?”
I get giddy about it because this is what I LOVE to talk about. Developing your intuition is an act of empowerment and I am all about empowering people to step into their true selves.

So the first step to developing intuition is to be honest with yourself in answering these questions:

Do you VALUE your intuition?
Do you believe you have an intuitive voice that is guiding you and assisting you throughout your life?

To develop your intuition you must first VALUE it. 

As kids we are often taught not to value our thoughts or inner voice or inner knowing.  As with many, I was taught to listen and act from what is “right” or what I “should” do. 

Because you are not taught to value your inner voice, aka your intuition, it causes anxiety and tension within your heart and mind. 

Your values create your structure. Your values guide your actions. When you value your intuition, you being to take actions that align with your inner voice.

Basically, intuition is always with you ready to guide and lead the way but you must hold it as valuable so you can make choices that align with its development. You need to take time to nurture your relationship with yourself and dive deeper into your intuitive voice.

Intuition is your truest guide because it only has your best interest at heart.

Everyone is intuitive. It’s all about building and using your intuitive muscles.  You can develop your intuition right now to become more of the magician you are.


  • Make a list of what you value.
  • Is intuition on it?
  • Does spiritual connection show up?
  • Does alone time or self-development make that list?

I would love to hear from you!
If you are feeling like you want more information on intuition development just email me at with your thoughts and questions. 

Have fun exploring!!

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