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Nurture Your Most Important Relationship

Did you know you are worth all of your attention? Yes that’s right, ALL of it. Self nourishment is all about pointing your attention to your inner needs.

The relationship you build with yourself is the foundation to all other relationships. Every relationship takes time and attention this includes the one with you.

Learning how to nurture all elements of your wholeness, body, mind, spirit, emotions, energy, is vital to building a solid relationship with yourself.

There is a tendency to shy away from looking at aspects of ourselves because they are scary or hard. 

It’s in the hard places that growth happens. 

The relationship with Self is the most fundamental relationship yet the least encouraged to cultivate. 

It’s time to shift and create the ideal relationship you want to have but this time the focus is on you.

Here are a few ways you can develop a relationship with Self:

  • Take yourself on a date. Dinner, movie, art opening…something you would love someone to plan for you, plan for yourself.
  • Go for a walk in nature.
  • Get a massage.
  • Dance to your favorite songs.
  • Sit in meditation.
  • Journal. Write all that is cluttering your mind…your worries, fears all the stuff that feels too scary to say out loud. 

Nurture your relationship with YOU.

Self worth is another aspect of your relationship. You are worth your time and love.  

You Are Worth Knowing!

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