Self Worth

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What You Focus On Creates Your Reality

Here’s the deal, paying attention to what you’re focusing on is important because what you focus on determines your reality.  This relates to how you feel in your body, your relationships, and your sexual expression. One of my favorite inspirational speakers is Tony Robbins. In his trainings he teaches that there are three patterns of …

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emotional funk

In an emotional funk?

Feeling down, overwhelmed or stressed out leads to some pretty intense emotional storms. I just came out of one myself recently and dang it was a big one. Nobody really loves feeling these “negative” emotions, yet they are part of our emotional repertoire, our emotional vocabulary. And they are important to feel and process. They …

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self critic

7 Ways to Stop Your Self-Critic

You know that voice, the one that whispers, “you can’t do that”, “you’re too fat”, “you’re not pretty enough”, “you’re not good enough”. This is the voice of your self-critic and it’s up to you to stop it in it’s tracks. This voice can be powerful. You can hear it about your job, finances, relationships, …

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Keep Your Limiting Beliefs In Check

Like anything, you are your own limit when it comes to your ability to create an intimate partnership. Relationships are not something that happens to you.  They are choices you are making, people you are choosing to engage in. What you believe you deserve can be one of many limiting beliefs that holds you back from …

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self nourishment

Nurture Your Most Important Relationship

Did you know you are worth all of your attention? Yes that’s right, ALL of it. Self nourishment is all about pointing your attention to your inner needs. The relationship you build with yourself is the foundation to all other relationships. Every relationship takes time and attention this includes the one with you. Learning how to nurture …

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