What is Sex Magic?

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One of the first books I got when I started diving into sexuality was called “The Art of Sexual Ecstasy” by Margo Anand.  She was one of the first to write about Tantra from a Westerners perspective and it was the first time I ever heard the term SEX MAGIC.

Being that it’s Halloween, I wanted to talk a little about sex magic as it can be a way to heal and manifest what you want in life.

Sex Magic

Sex magic is basically adding your intentions and aspirations into your sexual experiences. In tantric teachings, sexual energy is the same as creative energy and it hits its peak power during orgasm. 

So, when you have an orgasm, you can focus on what it is you want to create in your life, hold the vision, and all that powerful orgasm energy will go into it.  

Your Thoughts Matter

Sex magic always begins with awareness of your intentions. Knowing what and why you are practicing sex magic is foundational to the practice. Your thoughts are energy so what you think during sex matters. 

Sex magic can be used for healing, spreading love into the world, or manifesting your dreams.

You might be thinking, this is way too woo woo for me Monique!

Or you might be thinking I NEED TO KNOW MORE!

No matter what your initial response is to sex magic, know that it’s a way humans have connected to their sexual experience with intuition and mindfulness. Remember, sex involves more than just your physical body.

You are energy, your thoughts are energy, and so is your sexuality.

The thoughts and messages you tell yourself matter. The words that surround you influence your thoughts and overall well being that’s why it’s important to pay attention. You can use words or phrases of affirmation during orgasm to release high love into the world.  

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Have fun exploring and own your magic.



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