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Hi, I'm Monique, educator & coach, intimacy advocate, embodiment guide and TEDx speaker. My work is to support women in weaving soul, body, and sexual energy so you can step into your authenticity and power.

You are a sacred being who deserves to feel confident, embodied and clear so you move into a LIFE YOU LOVE.

Sometimes you need a different perspective to help you move in the direction of your deepest desires with yourself and others.  Let me guide you as you explore your capacity of intuition, embodiment, sexual expression and intimacy.

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Discover your wild sensuality through the divine feminine.  It's time to bring the divine feminine back as the guide of true awakening.

In this four week program, you'll:

  • Empower your sensuality
  • Rediscover your pleasure
  • Getting intimate with your yoni
  • Conjuring the magic of your orgasm

You are doing women's work. Reclaim your sexy on your own terms.


BIG changes requires BIG action. Body Awakening Program is a full on embodiment training.  One-on-one coaching gives you focused time dedicated to your evolution.

  • Feel confident in your skin
  • Accept your body
  • Explore sensual movement
  • Develop your pleasure capacity
Each session is done through video or phone, whichever is more comfortable for you.

Learn how to weave your SOUL, BODY, & SEXUAL ENERGY

Meditation Is Power: 3 Meditation Myths that keep you from your power

By moniquegomez | September 21, 2019

So I’m sure you’ve been told by at least one person that meditation is super helpful.  Well I”m here to confirm that and say YES! Meditation is a powerful practice that connects you to YOU!  The benefits of meditation are HUGE especially in this culture where we are bombarded with stimulus, self doubt and a …

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Fear Of Being Seen Keeps YOU Stuck

By moniquegomez | September 11, 2019

So this week I wanted to share something SUPER personal and get REAL with you about my soul journey. This is a real fear that can keep you stuck and paralyzed. I know it has done that for me at times. Now it’s vulnerable to share deeply so I hope you can receive with open and …

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a woman being

The Art of Being

By moniquegomez | September 4, 2019

Do you ever find yourself questioning who you are, or what you are supposed to be doing in this world? Do you feel lost, alone and unsure on how to be?  Personally, I have had my struggles with these questions over the years and to be honest, they still come up for me.  There is …

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value intuition

First Step To Develop Your Intuition

By moniquegomez | August 28, 2019

Recently, numerous people have asked me this question…“How do I develop my intuition?”I get giddy about it because this is what I LOVE to talk about. Developing your intuition is an act of empowerment and I am all about empowering people to step into their true selves. So the first step to developing intuition is …

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Feel Your Magic

By moniquegomez | August 21, 2019

So when I was a kid, I remember sensing energies or beings. I remember feeling magic because I knew these beings existed all around yet no adult seemed to recognize they were there. I wasn’t scared of these beings but I learned very young that it wasn’t normal to talk about them.  Can you still …

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Sexy or Spiritual? Which are You?

By moniquegomez | July 31, 2019

So I don’t know about you but I have struggled with the duality of being a sexy or spiritual woman (I’m sure this effects men too!). Earlier this week, I came across this sentence… “We can only have the pleasures of the body if we sacrifice the rewards of the spirit.” It seems like the …

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Authenticity accepting your true self

The Two Wolves Inside You…Finding Authenticity

By moniquegomez | July 24, 2019

The idea of authenticity has fascinated me lately because I feel like I hear it everywhere.  The spiritual pop culture today is all about love and light.  Being authentic means rising above the darkness. Well, what if your true authentic self is when you are lying, cheating or depressed as all hell? What if your …

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sex orgasm goal

Are You Goal Orienting Sex?

By moniquegomez | July 3, 2019

Sex is not an activity that a certain goal needs to be reached. Sex is an experience and a sharing.  There is not a sex orgasm goal in high sex experiences. I know this idea can be very contradictory of what we are taught, but hang with me on this one. For a higher sexual …

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sex meditation

Sex Meditation…Up Your Pleasure

By moniquegomez | June 26, 2019

It’s time to take meditation from the spiritual to the sexual. Using sex meditation will up the pleasure factor in your sexytime experience. Actually, spirituality and sexuality are the same and there isn’t a separation between them as much as certain religions try to make them separate.  Sex is a primal act but it can also …

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fall leaves falling to let go in order to grow

How To Let Go In Order To Grow

By moniquegomez | June 19, 2019

Last week we talked about change and how to deal with it because it’s not always easy.  As we know, with any change comes a period of letting go.  This is often the most uncomfortable part of the change, right? It’s the part that feels like shit because we don’t want to let go of …

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TEDx ABQ Women 2019

I was honored to be selected as one of eight women who spoke at the 2019 TEDx ABQ Women's event. The Power Of The Pause was a call to everyone to slow down, take a moment and connect to their intuition. Check out the talk now.