Rewrite Your Sexual Story

sexual story

Your sexual story is powerful because it creates your reality. If you are constantly telling yourself that you are not attractive or that you have to lose weight before you’re worth the relationship you desire, you are ready for a new story. Most of the stories we tell ourselves are nonsense. They’re not based in your authenticity.

Sex is your birthright.

Sex is the ultimate creative expression that’s unique to you and your human experience. Your sexual energy, life force energy, is yours to express and do what you will with it.

Your sexual story is built on your sexual experiences. It also includes thoughts and beliefs you were taught as a child growing up. Sexual expression has been repressed and made “bad” or “wrong” for a very long time. There are deep beliefs around what is right and wrong with sex, but now you have the opportunity to decide what you want to believe.

Because of the great amount of sexual repression that goes on all over the world, humans have begun to misplace their sexual energy and use it as a power tool and way to control.

As you probably know, the most effective way to control someone is through fear. So, by creating great amounts of fear around sex—the single act that is holy and directly related to the Creator,— it keeps certain people in control and keeps YOU away from YOUR body. The cycle goes: stories we are fed around sex create more fear, and the stories we have been trained to tell ourselves continue to feed the fear.

In fear and control, there is a lack of freedom. Sexual expression needs to have space to feel free.

Do you feel like you are free in your expression?

Anytime we talk about sexual freedom, I also like to touch upon the idea of boundaries. Boundaries hold a significant meaning in any aspect of life, but with sex, it’s very important to get clear on them. Often, sexual boundaries are crossed, and when this happens, it causes distrust in ourselves and in our sexual expression. From these often painful and difficult experiences, a story is created, and the link of trust between our body and spirit disconnects.

Now, I understand that your sexual story is intimate. You’ve been rereading your sexual story like a nursery rhyme, so it’s comfortable and familiar. Shaking it up may seem scary or uncomfortable. But what if you were no longer the “good girl” or the “nerd that can’t get the girl of his dreams”? What if you stepped into your power as a human who deserves true sex, true love, and relationship expression?

You have permission to explore outside of the story you tell yourself around relationships, sex, and love.

No matter what your past looks like, how many horrible or beautiful things you have experienced, you can start fresh today. You decide to change the parts of the story that no longer fit.

How to rewrite your sexual story?

  • Take responsibility for your experiences.
  • Allow yourself to dream of a new vision for your sex, love, and relationship life.
  • Connect with your body and give gratitude for its ability to participate in the world.
  • Be honest with what you truly desire in sex, love, and relationship.
  • Don’t forget to listen to your intuition and how it guides you.
  • Talk with someone about your story.

Change happens through awareness. If you want to change your perspective, you have to be aware of the current story. Allow conversations about sex, love, and relationship with people you trust.

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