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12 Hot Erogenous Zones to Ignite Erotic Desire

Every single body is very different and unique in how it feels arousal.  But there are certain areas that are more likely to spark erotic willingnessBelow are 12 erogenous zones that I know will ignite erotic desire.

Touch is a powerful tool to get in the mood of erotic play. In fact, touch is one of the main ways we begin to tell someone we want them.

Don’t take your hands for granted. They have the capacity to feel subtleties and turn on your partner in really big ways. So let them be your ears as you begin to explore.

Here are some hot spots on the body that will get the erotic juices flowing:

  1. Scalp-A place of many nerve endings, therefore, more pleasure! Making small circles with your fingertips can immediately bring your partner into deep relaxation.
  2. Nape of the neck-Very delicate area where lots of vulnerable feelings can be held. Touching this area can create a bond of trust.
  3. Shoulders-The weight of the world can be carried here so giving them a little squeeze can instantly bring your partner to a different state all together.
  4. Back-The biggest part of the body is filled with touch points that will send your partner into a state of relaxation which can turn into arousal. 
  5. Booty-This fleshy area practically calling out for attention. Really play with pressure of touch here, lift the cheeks up and move them around or work lightly.  Don’t neglect the crease where the booty meets the back of the leg, also known as the gluteal fold. Super arousal point!
  6. Feet-Another spot that can hold lots of stress and tension so giving them some attention can shoot your partner right into arousal state from just feeling the release of pressure.
  7. Stomach-An area with LOTS of sensitive areas and emotions. Be gentle and kind as you play here.
  8. Chest-This is the entire area of the chest, nipples and all.  Nipple play can be the central focus but the entire area of the chest is an erogenous zone.
  9. Armpit-Yep that’s right, the armpit is a place of many nerve endings, and according to Chinese Medicine, energy meridians. These points can shift your partner’s energy in big ways. Be mindful not to get into tickling mode, unless they like that of course.
  10. Lips-Very sensitive area that often just needs a light touch with your finger to bring huge amounts of pleasure.
  11. Ears-A classic point of erotic play for many reasons. According to Chinese Medicine, the ear has 120 points that represent all areas of the body. So stroking the ear is basically touching the entire body.
  12. Temples-Usually a place of holding tension and stress, putting pressure here, can give your partner a huge release and get them in their body.

Now that you know some potent erogenous zones, get exploring! Find what turns you lover on. Notice how the body responds when you touch these certain areas. Remember, everyone is different so be curious about the unique body you have the honor of touching.

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Have fun exploring.

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